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                                American-made rifle parts left behind by departing U.S. forces at the international airport in Kabul are pictured. The Taliban also seized troves of American weapons and vehicles from surrendering Afghan soldiers.
American-made weapons and military equipment for sale in Afghan gun shops

With the Taliban in power, more American weapons and military accessories are now being openly sold in shops by Afghan gun dealers who paid government soldiers and Taliban fighters for guns, ammunition and other materiel, according to weapons dealers in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan. Read more

This packs a puckery punch

Debate ham and pineapple pizza all you want. There's no denying the goodness this pairing of caramelized pineapple with crisp-edged sausages brings. Read more

A breakfast of champions

Crunchy on the outside, soft and custardy on the inside, these thick slices taste like the perfect union of bread pudding and French toast. Read more

A comforting chicken dish

In February 2014, this recipe showed home cooks how to prepare a complete (and comforting) meal on sheet pans. Read more

                                A single-use face mask in Los Angeles. Masks work best when everyone in the room has one on, but you’ll still benefit from masking up even when those around you aren’t.
Does my mask protect me if nobody else is wearing one?

A number of laboratory studies have also documented that a mask protects the person who is wearing it, though the level of that protection can vary depending on the type of mask, the material it’s made from, the experimental setup and how particle exposure was measured. Read more

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