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Social media spreads the word

Hawaii’s labor unions can no longer rely on word-of-mouth to get information to thousands of members. Today, in order to stay relevant with younger members, unions need totweet, text and post on Facebook, among other modes of communication. Read more

There goes the neighborhood: Troublesome neighbors can change laws

For decades, neighbors endured Mark Char’s taunts and threats. There were times he walked around his Halolani Street home in Ewa with a crossbow in hand. He called the cops when vehicles were parked too close to his or anyone else’s driveway. He roamed through nearby streets looking for parking scofflaws. Read more

While the number of cases has dropped, AIDS remains a serious problem in isles

Much has changed in the 35 years since Hawaii’s first published case of a health condition that would later become known as AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Today, it’s no longer a death sentence if a patient tests positive for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), which can develop into AIDS. Read more

Hawaii’s first lady focuses on education

Dawn Amano-Ige and her husband, Gov. David Ige, first met while they were attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa and both running for student government positions — that was their first campaign together. Read more

Ending the war on drugs: The debate shifts to decriminalization

Thirteen years after Hawaii legalized medical marijuana, the state is finally forging ahead with licensing marijuana dispensaries, issuing licenses to eight applicants on Friday. As it has in other states, that policy shift could usher in a new era of social norms. Read more

Eran Ganot brings fresh outlook to Hawaii’s basketball team

University of Hawaii men’s basketball coach Eran Ganot picked up his smartphone Wednesday and played a video of his Rainbow Warriors surprising his 5-year-old daughter, Zeza, with a birthday cake, singing “Happy Birthday.” Read more

Pumping up the GET

The likelihood of lawmakers raising the state’s 4 percent general excise tax anytime soon is lower than the half-percent to 1 percent increases that proponents have been emboldened into pushing this legislative session. Read more

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