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                                Kai’ea and his sister, Kailani Lucey pose with Aloha sign and Poinsettia tree. Kahala Mall decorating for Christmas.
Column: Holiday plans can be both safe and joyful

As we transition from Thanksgiving into Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, keeping ourselves and loved ones safe will demand creativity and new perspectives. Read more

Health Options: Can you ‘beet’ high blood pressure?

Beets and beetroot juice have been anointed with “superfood” status due to a substantial amount of research focusing on the beneficial effects of beetroot juice on exercise performance and blood pressure reduction. Read more

Health Options: Personalized nutrition is the future

As we learn more and more about how specific types of gene variants interact with nutrients, it is becoming more possible to use this information to generate diet recommendations customized to an individual’s genetic makeup. Read more

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