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Health Options: The danger of labeling food ‘bad’

Today’s nutritional information contains more contradictions than consistencies, even among nutrition and health professionals Read More

How social media is hijacking your health

Social media resources can have a great deal of influence on the information we access — and in turn what we believe. Read More

Health Options: Risk of pancreatic cancer on the rise

The recent loss of Aretha Franklin from pancreatic cancer at the age of 76 has renewed interest in the disease. Read More

Magnesium deficiency is common, can be dangerous

All essential nutrients are important for health. Magnesium, not to be confused with manganese, is an essential mineral that gets too little appreciation. Read More

Staying hydrated takes more than water

As the temperature heats up and we’re spending more time outside, it gets much easier to become dehydrated. Read More

Kratom shows what happens when dietary supplements go wrong

A relatively new dietary supplement has shown up that has its own benefits and risks. This became vividly clear with a recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandatory recall of the supplement called kratom. Read More

New Year’s traditions have roots in good nutrition

Although many New Year’s traditional foods are symbols of good luck, health and prosperity, they also provide many benefits important to maintaining or improving health. Read More

Food restrictions pose challenges during holidays

Holiday celebrations are all about bringing family and friends together. And, of course, sharing good food is central to festive traditions. Read More

October bursting with nutritional power of orange

If there is a color that symbolizes October, it would have to be orange. On the mainland, leaves turn orange, signaling the beginning of fall and harvest time for orange foods such as pumpkins and persimmons. And, of course, October goes hand in hand with Halloween and pumpkins. Read More

Don’t rule out ‘bad’ foods — they can do you good

Classifying foods as “good” and “bad” is a common scare tactic used by nutrition zealots insisting that you should avoid certain foods completely if you want to be healthy. This approach is nothing new. Read More

Studies link coffee to lower death, disease risks

For a number of decades there has been controversy about the potential health benefits or evil of an ancient herbal beverage called coffee. Read More

B vitamins can help lower Hcy-related disease

Homocysteine is another chemical that is becoming increasingly important because of its relationship to heart disease and a number of other diseases. Read More

Patients can manipulate connective tissues

Muscles can become stiff and lose flexibility for many reasons, with at least some of this stiffness is thought to be related to the fascia tissues that surround muscles. Read More

Exiting climate accord imperils our health

President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the international Paris climate accord could affect Hawaii more than many other states. Read More

Proper hydration, food safety key to healthy summer

As summer approaches, we all know the days get longer and the temperature and humidity increase. These changes can promote a variety of health risks. Read More

Motherhood presents myriad of nutritional challenges

Supporting a successful pregnancy requires starting off with a healthy body that has been well nourished for some time. Read More

Nutrients enter body via cells in small intestine

Cells that line the inside of the small intestine are the major entry point for nutrients to get into the body. Read More

Good health starts with gastrointestinal tract

Food is an enjoyable part of living that is intertwined with social life, culture and traditions. But what happens to food after it is eaten is rather mysterious. Read More

Varied diet offsets harm from natural toxins

People often express concerns about toxic substances in their food, but what is rarely appreciated is how many toxic chemicals are present naturally. There is little or no regulation of these toxins produced by nature. Read More

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