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Column: Disaster-proof business from man-made and natural threats

It’s hurricane season in Hawaii, and while we tend to think of natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and tsunamis when we think about incidents that could affect our business, the unfortunate reality is in today’s world it’s more likely to be a man-made threat. Read more

Column: Malware can hide out in email attachments

Last week saw another spate of malware attacks via email to which many folks fell victim. Several high-profile ransomware outbreaks have hit in the past few weeks, snaring, among others, municipalities and nonprofits. Read more

Column: Disaster Recovery plan is vital for your business

June marks the start of hurricane season in Hawaii, which means it’s time to review emergency plans, check preparedness kits and stock up on supplies like canned food and bottled water that can sustain our families in the event of a disaster. Read more

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