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Should state harbor fees be raised — by 50 percent over two years, as proposed — to improve ports?

  • A. Yes, modernization needed (353 Votes)
  • C. Perhaps, but at lower rate (289 Votes)
  • B. No, will raise consumer costs (223 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • Unbelievable. I’d change my vote if I could. I’m now thinking if the State needs a 50% rate hike to improve it then it’s needs to be done. If this increase in fees is pegged to having a modern harbor with all the bells and whistles then I’d be against it. All that’s needed is to upkeep the harbor to be safe for everyone. These politicians like to spend “our” money for eye appeal, lose money

    • Don’t keep fooling yourself. They claimed they would upkeep the existing harbors, now they tell you that they need more money. Just like the run away choo-choo budget, they’re out to shake every penny out of you and will do absolutely nothing with our tax dollars but waste it.

  • Those people who have their boats docked, did not create all of that mess. Yet, they are held responsible, and must pay for the deeds of others or nature.

    The taxes that will be legislated, will always stay on the books, even “if” cleaning up a mess, is not present.

    We need better leaders or better solutions, who will not chase people away from their lifestyles.

  • The free enterprise system is critical in America. Businesses need to make money to keep this big ball of economic wax rolling. They do not have the privilege of the Federal Government to just go print more money and devalue the rest. So if a business spends more money on overhead/cost of goods &/or services then the cost will be passed along to the end consumer. Hello inflation!! Are you ready to swing by the to pick up a two dollar banana shipped in from South America? Start a garden!!

  • Raising taxes is not the answer when the state has a decades long, proven track record of willful fraud, abuse, and waste of taxpayer’s money. From supervisors allowing state workers to watch Hulu and Netflix on state computers on paid state time, to the Zip Mobile debacle, to our failing infrastructure to undeserved pay raises to state workers.

    List of willful failures by the state is endless. Even after skimming 10% of the rail GET, state still whines it needs more and more and more money.

    Until the state has perfect audits, a 5 year track record of no more fraud, abuse, waste of tax payer’s money, no more new taxes.

    Nei is an endless money pit thanks to incompetent state bureaucrats and agencies.

  • Hawaii harbors are a disgrace… they are like 3rd world countries. No that isn’t fair, 3rd world countries have much nicer harbor facilities… way better.

    • Leech state unions will raid any new money the state receives. Union reps say they are woefully underpaid, need annual pay raises of 25% just to keep up. Pensions are barely enough to live on cat food, medical will not even pay for band aids. Need an immediate double or triple increase in pensions and pay every year.

      Unions are leeches on tax payers.

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