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Do you support the state’s invasive-species plan?

  • A. Yes; crucial for environment (333 Votes)
  • B. Mixed; some but not all elements (100 Votes)
  • C. No; not a priority (72 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

13 responses to “Do you support the state’s invasive-species plan?”

  1. Allaha says:

    Include illegal immigrants!

  2. leino says:

    It is way smarter to catch things early rather than trying to chase down a problem after is is off and running. Cheaper too!

  3. ehowzit says:


  4. puna01 says:

    If there’s no current threat of something coming in would this program also work on invasive species already here?

  5. On_My_Turf says:

    We need to be more like Australia. Nothing plant based enters the country without being gassed. They do not waste time looking for bugs or four legged hitchhikers. As for the two legged ones, those are automatically detained upon entry. Legal immigration to Australia requires proof of employment and money in the bank. Broke and jobless, not welcome.

  6. HawaiiBlogger says:

    This poll hasn’t changed for a long time…need new poll suggestions?

    • miss_laulau says:

      It’s sickening to read the same question over and over again. What is this Ground Hog Day? Are they wanting better results or what? Change the question already. Someone I knew who worked for HNA said, when an error was made in the paper, “heads would roll”. I guess standards now are much lower.

  7. Lana888 says:

    Hey, Star-Ad, obviously there is something wrong with your poll feature. I answered this question, what, day before yesterday. Then yesterday the question did not give me an opportunity to answer. Now today it’s back to the old question. Really.

  8. HawaiiBlogger says:

    Homemade Poll:

    Who will win the Honolulu Mayoral Race?



    Have fun!!!

    • miss_laulau says:

      If you click on Home, you will see a different poll question. I guess for those of us who get our paper via email, are being treated like second class citizens (my opinion). Is there no one at SA to check before sending out their online newspaper? It makes SA look very incompetent.

  9. Lana888 says:

    Another day, another same poll question about the invasive species ‘plan.’ Some things never change.

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