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Ocean Watch: Anemone crabs’ shells can house other species

When I wrote that I had never seen this anemone, a species that typically rides on the back of a hermit crab shell, a friend offered to guide me to a place where the chances of finding the creatures were good. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Stewart Cink finds inspiration from health battles off the course

When golfer Stewart Cink gazed into the sunglasses of an adjacent reporter, the image that was reflected back was of facial features that looked as if an attempt had been made to white them out with caked-on sunscreen. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Just go talk to the guy

Soon the 2019 legislative session will open, the Honolulu City Council will, hopefully, have all members officially seated and ready to rumble, and the news cycle will turn to a fresh spate of bills regulating behavior that people could pretty much deal with on their own if only everyone had better social skills. Read More

Kokua Line: Rumpled cash with survey raises red flag for recipient

Question: I received a survey that says it is from NOAA and that I was chosen randomly to receive it and not to give it to anyone else to fill out. Read More

Kokua Line: Whether safety law applies depends on type of ride hired

Question: When I go to Costco, I always see tourists and local families pile into taxis with no car seats, no boosters, no carriers; nothing to hold in a child or toddler. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Drammeh finds some inspiration in opener

Somebody lit a fire under the University of Hawaii men’s basketball team Wednesday night and it was senior guard Sheriff Drammeh, of all people, that held the match. Read More

Kokua Line: No refund for homeowner who didn’t seek exemption

Question: Can I get a refund or a partial refund for all the years I paid full property tax because I didn’t know about the homeowner’s exemption you wrote about (808ne.ws/kline14)? Read More

Lee Cataluna: Class on falling springs back into action

In the summer of 2017, Bill Doi, a fifth-degree black belt in aikido, taught a group of about 10 senior citizens how to fall. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Nick Rolovich goes for important job security over cash

This week University of Hawaii football coach Nick Rolovich has been rubbing elbows and trading tales with his peers at the American Football Coaches Association annual convention in San Antonio. Read More

The Weekly Eater: Good food, friendly service abound at Ripple of Smiles

In an age when customer service is in short supply, owners Hung “Frank” Nguyen and Huyen Le are charming, gracious and humble hosts at The Ripple of Smiles in Kaimuki. Read More

Incidental Lives: 73-year-old finds joy and happiness in the long run

At an age when some men are compelled to take stock of their lives and make peace with the goals they will leave unfulfilled, Motoharu Watanabe raised his head, blinked his eyes and saw a future delimited in glorious expanses of 26.2 miles. Read More

Kokua Line: Taking up 2 parking stalls a no-no on public property

Question: Regarding taking up two stalls in a private lot (Kokua Line, Dec. 10, bit.ly/2H20zIp), what about if it’s a public street or parking lot? Read More

Kokua Line: Limited grounds to appeal property tax assessment

Question: Regarding the property assessments, I received my notice but it is outrageously high. No unit in my building is selling for anywhere near close to that price. Is it too late to appeal? Read More

Ferd Lewis: College championship will come down to the quarterbacks

We can discuss the Hall of Fame-bound coaches, appreciate the suffocating defenses and marvel — or bemoan — the dominant consistency of the programs, but, inevitably, talk about the College Football Playoff national championship game comes right back to the quarterbacks. Read More

In the Lineup: From surf to summit, Diamond Head needs nurture

Squatters have long occupied the hillsides, but over the past two months some have started living in tents on the beach near the public footpath and showers, which are often fouled by excrement. Read More

Show Biz: ‘Showman’ star Keala Settle joining live ‘Rent’ telecast

Keala Settle, the breakout star from “The Greatest Showman,” will be part of Fox’s live telecast of “Rent,” airing Jan. 27. Read More

Five-0 Redux: Seeking retribution a painful task for McGarrett, team

Still reeling from the murder of one of their ohana, Steve hunts down the killer with the help of old friends. Read More

Ocean Watch: Population of nene growing in Hawaii

Today over 2,800 nene live in Hawaii, enough that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed downgrading the nene’s status from endangered to threatened. Read More



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