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Magnum Reloaded: Potential partnerships key to season 2 of ‘Magnum P.I.’

The reboot builds on relationships between Magnum and the newest characters within the franchise. Read More

By Request: Prepared dough transforms into Easter treats

When it comes to low-effort, high-impact holiday dishes, turn to the Poppin’ Fresh school of cooking — that is, treats made out of refrigerated dough that comes in a tube. Read More

The Weekly Eater: Rinka worth a second look at new Ward Village location

Rinka has always been a sleeper restaurant, but there’s no hiding now that, after 5 and a half years near Ala Moana Center, they’ve moved to much more prominent digs at Ward Village. Read More

Kokua Line: Nonresidents can obtain in-state medical marijuana card

Question: I am visiting Hawaii, leaving tomorrow, but plan to return later this year. Next time I want to use my medical marijuana card. How long would that be good for? Read More

On Politics: Lawmakers must try, try and try again until they forge needed law on vacation rentals

Hawaii’s Legislature and the administration of Gov. David Ige find themselves in a familiar place, searching but not finding a resolution to the skyrocketing number of vacation rental units in Hawaii. Read More

Show Biz: Former UH athlete Tumua Tuinei shares comedy at Blue Note

Tumua Tuinei, former University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors player-turned-comedian, makes his Blue Note Hawaii debut Wednesday. He joins headliner Andy Bumatai’s Comic to Comic series. Read More

David Shapiro: Time to put our kids first in battling climate change

It’s disappointing to hear so much discussion about the proposed Green New Deal in Congress degenerate to cheap cracks about seahorse travel and regulating bovine flatulence. Read More

Five-0 Redux: ’Hawaii Five-0’ shows father will go to great lengths to save his child

“Hawaii Five-0” investigates the murder of a man whose body may hold the key to a 20-year-old case involving a kidnapped girl whose father never stopped looking for her. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Endless campaign is finally near its end

Folks from East Honolulu are going to feel a letdown after tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who wins. After all the campaign mailers and Saturday morning knocks at the door and dinnertime robocalls, once the special election is over, things won’t be so special anymore. Read More

Kokua Line: State agency, not HPD, probes deadly kayaking excursion

Question: Is there an investigation by the Honolulu Police Department into the drownings during Mid-Pac’s spring break program? Looking into negligence or anything like that? Read More

Kokua Line: DOT can’t stall most roadwork to relieve traffic caused by Pali closure

Question: Although I appreciate the Pali Highway being open during rush-hour times, the Pali is closed during daytime (non-rush) hours, and Windward-bound traffic funnels into Likelike Highway, making for busy traffic. Read More

Kokua Line: City clarifies online orders to add gold star to driver’s license

Question: When I last renewed my driver’s license, I submitted a slew of documents for scanning by DMV (birth certificate, pay stub, etc.) to prove “legal presence,” etc. However, that was before the “gold star” designation was added. Read More

Ferd Lewis: Changing jobs proving more costly for coaches

When UCLA was courting TCU basketball coach Jamie Dixon, the Horned Frogs responded by doing what their mascot does well. They raised their horns. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Docs and future docs who walk the talk

‘Almost every week, someone comes up to me and says, ‘You changed my life!’” said Dr. Theresa Wee. Read More

The Weekly Eater: The Elephant Shack’s small menu features tasty treasures

I would normally balk at making the drive to Pearl City, but I was happy to head out to Pearl Highlands Center to sample the food at The Elephant Shack. Read More

Kokua Line: Changes in federal tax law put some old forms out of use

Question: I can’t find the right tax form. I am running out of time! I use 1040EZ. It’s simple. Read More



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