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Talented legislators got lost in crowded primary

Without opposition for legislative seats in the general election, Democrats bunch up in the handful of big races, some good candidates get wiped out, and we end up without enough qualified, experienced, normal people actually running the government. Read More

Voting now easy but somehow uninspiring

More people signed the petition against an out-of-state restaurant trying to kapu the name “Aloha Poke” than voted for David Ige in the primary. Read More

‘Peace Lady’ finds new ways to share her message

The Pali Peace Lady has changed her approach. Instead of waving at thousands of commuters as they zoom past every morning, she has moved off major thoroughfares and is talking to people in parks and on sidewalks. Read More

Humble pie on the menu at post-election Unity Breakfast

There are bound to be some awkward moments at the Democratic Party’s Unity Breakfast this morning. Read More

80-year-olds get their band back together for tour

‘Back then we all had crew cuts,” singer T.A. Strader told the audience. “Back then we all had hair.” Read More

Is being ‘nice guy’ relevant anymore?

Somewhere along the way, David Ige picked up the label of “nice guy.” Read More

Race for No. 2 spot has a lot to choose from

The Democratic primary for lieutenant governor has shaped up to be a most unusual race. Read More

Disasters help Ige recover from disaster

It’s like standing in front of the menu board of a plate lunch place that has nothing going for it except that it’s still open, knowing that you have to choose between two specials that don’t look very special and realizing that though one is pork and one is chicken, they’re both gonna taste the same anyway. Read More

Purchasing a bag only makes stores more green

Maybe you’ve noticed the Australian tourists shopping at Waikele Premium Outlets wheeling their suitcases from store to store and wondered, “What’s up with that?” Read More

Former Hawaii resident fights fear and spreads puns in Missouri

For nine years, Kevin Hand ran through the streets of Honolulu spreading fun. He worked as an artist for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and got through late nights and heartbreaking stories by looking for ways to make people laugh. Read More

Group honors memory of Hawaii’s first female engineer

The story goes that when she showed up for her first day of class at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the professor looked at the only girl sitting in his all-male class of engineering majors and told her she must be in the wrong building; home economics was next door. Read More

Kona art, antique auction goes live

On Sunday the auction opened online, and people started bidding on those Manago Hotel pork chops. Read More

The Prep leader Winston Sakurai sees power in empathy

The Prep, which opened in 2014 on the campus of St. Andrew’s Priory, has 50 students in kindergarten through fourth grade, with approval to expand to grade 6 in the coming years. Read More

To hide, ignore or invite in for coffee

A sign posted on the front door stated the homeowners’ rules in no uncertain terms: STOP! Read More

Candidates endure rain, moths and mic cords

The Monday televised “Super Debate” was part high school quiz bowl, part “Hot Hawaiian Nights,” with all the riveting action of an ‘Olelo rebroadcast of a neighborhood board meeting. Read More

Father hopes giving is in the blood

This week, John Wollstein, 82, donated his 100th unit of blood. Read More

Emails a reminder of lack of leadership

Poor David Ige. He’s been working so hard lately to try to prove that he’s been working so hard the last four years, holding a bunch of bill signing ceremonies and press conferences to tout various things he says he’s done. Read More

Clubhouse is home to dignity, acceptance

No doors are locked; in fact, most stand open and welcoming. The vintage hollow-tile building is painted in bright colors and, though worn, is very clean. People are gathered together in groups talking, laughing, working companionably. Read More

Try wait! Hawaii draws a line on lines

Hawaii people are completely hardcore when it comes to waiting in lines, but only select lines. Read More

We’re all tired, Kaniela Ing — that’s no excuse

On Wednesday night, just hours after he was fined more than $15,000 for repeatedly filing false campaign finance reports and using campaign donations to pay his rent and his credit card bill, Kaniela Ing, candidate for congress, was speaking at a forum for the Hawaii Democratic Party’s Education Caucus. Read More

Helping travelers in times of trouble

There is a particular tone to maintain in all of this, a balance of warm optimism in the face of hard truths. Read More