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Column: Say no to constitutional convention

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Vote no on ConCon. Read More

Column: Plan for disrupting high-tide flooding by mid-century

We need to eliminate dangerous fossil fuels, plan for more frequent and intense weather hazards, and adapt to sea level rise. Now is the time for new policies and behaviors to protect our most treasured places. Read More

Column: Adapting to climate change requires a mix of responses

We are beginning to learn a great deal about the current risks associated with climate change. We should not let what we don’t yet know keep us from doing the things we ought to be doing now. Read More

Column: Access to dental care crucial to health

In Hawaii, approximately 50 percent of our 365,000 Medicaid beneficiaries essentially have only one option for insured dental services — the emergency room. Read More

Column: Homeless have same rights as rest of us

People are people, period. Dehumanizing people does not help. And those people have civil rights the same as everyone else who calls Hawaii home. Not more rights — the same rights. Read More

Column: Hawaii residents with disabilities find success in the workplace

This month, Hawaii can celebrate by participating in National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). Last year, 715 people in Hawaii with disabilities gained jobs. Read More

Column: ‘Monster-house’ plan would kill multi-generational homes

Neighborhoods across Oahu are being negatively impacted by “monster houses,” which are essentially apartment buildings on residential-zoned lands. Read More

Column: Water-rate hikes to boost upkeep of aging system

This long-term look is the best approach to sustain, expand, repair and replace critical water infrastructure to support Ka Wai Ola for the people of Oahu. Read More

Column: Technology helps improve, recycle Oahu’s wastewater

On the surface, most people just want to be assured of no adverse side effects from using biosolids on farm crops or reclaimed water for more purposes. The two ways to do that are through studies and education. Read More

Column: Amendment necessary to support public schools properly

The proposed constitutional amendment on education offers a simple solution that solves more than one problem. Education can be improved, and high home prices reduced. Read More

Editorial: Do more to fight domestic violence

My phone started ringing early on a weekend morning. Usually when that happens, it is because someone is dead and I need to go to a crime scene, or someone is trying to sell me an extended warranty for my Tacoma truck. Read More

Island Voices: Joint planning key to self-sufficiency

Hawaii is one of the nation’s leaders in renewable energy. However, when it comes to resiliency, what matters is whether our electrical grid is configured to maintain power to critical facilities during an extreme weather event. Read More

Island Voices: State Constitution doesn’t need change

As if drawn by subsurface currents, we are drifting toward voting “yes” to holding a Constitutional Convention (Con Con) without discernibly good reasons for doing so. Read More

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