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Commercial aquarium trade violates Native Hawaiian rights

Make no mistake, the excessive taking of our reef wildlife and ohana by the North American pet trade, for pure profit and exploitation, is a campaign issue. Read More

Visitor lodging hurts neighborhoods

Mayor Kirk Caldwell is proposing a rezoning bill that would permit short-term tourist rentals (STRs) islandwide. Read More

There’s no aloha in Aloha Poke’s litigious business practices

The recent flurry of cease-and-desist letters unleashed by Aloha Pokë Co.’s lawyers has rightfully resulted in a passionate backlash from Native Hawaiians, other indigenous peoples, and those for whom cultural exploitation leaves a bad aftertaste. Read More

The importance of moral principles, in personal and public actions

While people might agree about the importance of living from a moral center, there are major differences surrounding the specific values each individual chooses. Read More

Give input on Ala Moana park plans

Plans for improvement should keep the park usable and convenient for local families, not diminish their ability to enjoy the park. Read More

Isles’ economy, jobs at risk if lodging restricted

As city officials look to update the nearly 30-year-old laws governing alternative accommodations, it is crucial to understand that if severe restrictions are enacted, they could have a negative impact on Oahu’s economy. Read More

Aggressive recruitment, initiatives help bring in teachers

At the core of our promise of equity and excellence in public education is ensuring every student has a highly qualified and effective teacher throughout their educational career. Read More

Free the Internet: Support net neutrality

The FCC may have reasonable claims against net neutrality. However, removing net neutrality entirely should not be the solution. Read More

Celebrate our history in public spaces

Sadly, we have too few such occasions where the history of Hawaii can be visually and spiritually portrayed for all to experience. Read More

To create affordable housing, government should back off

As an appraiser who has valued real estate in Hawaii for more than 45 years, I am not surprised that a panel comprised almost entirely of government employees and people who make a living off the government dole should recommend more government spending on affordable housing (“‘No quick fix’ for shortage of affordable apartments,” Star-Advertiser, July 28). Read More

Make sure tourists are safe

This year is the Gannenmono, the 150th anniversary of the first group of Japanese immigrants to Hawaii. Read More

Rising above politics to solve the conservation emergency

We ask our political leaders to rise above politics and raise DLNR’s budget to match its vast responsibilities. Read More

TNR: Most effective way to control feral cats

Last month, the Council unanimously approved a budget that allocates $300,000 for TNR efforts in Honolulu through June of next year. Read More

Young journalist inspired in D.C.

This past June, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to attend the Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism Conference. Read More

Doubling down on failed sit-lie policies

Where do you suppose the individual or family should go if their very status of not having a place to live has been made illegal? Read More

Immigrants serve U.S. with distinction

Our country is taking a direction for the worse in its policies toward immigrants, but especially those who made a commitment to serve in our armed forces. Read More

Don’t squander precious right to vote — get people to polls

On Aug. 4, the public will have the opportunity to rally at the state Capitol, in a newly created event called “People to the Polls,” and cast their votes in an election thought to be the most significant since November 2016. Read More

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