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Column: No more recriminations: Legalize recreational cannabis

If we want to strengthen the bond between citizens and civic life, if we want to increase revenues without further taxing existing goods and services, if we want progressive ends — without regressive means — we must decriminalize the recreational use of cannabis. Read More

Column: Title IX is a promise of life with dignity

Life with dignity begins when we rise up, speak up, stay up and lift up the future generation — so they will know we care and they can, too. Read More

Column: Why minimum wage shouldn’t be increased, from restaurateur’s perspective

We are the owners of a small business on Oahu with about 130 employees. As chief financial officer, the one thing that keeps me awake at night is the very real worry that the Legislature and the governor will devastate our business by forcing through a minimum wage hike. Read More

Column: Give carbon-tax revenue to the people

By returning revenue to households, nations can implement carbon pricing in a way that is good for their people and good for their economies. Read More

Column: Blaming evictions on tenants misses the bigger picture

When it comes to eviction cases filed in Hawaii last year, nearly half of them ended in default judgment for the landlord. Read More

Column: Bring back beach at Waikiki Natatorium site

Of the four plans studied in the draft environmental impact statement for the Waikiki Natatorium, two are under serious consideration. Read More

Column: Kawailoa Wind will protect hoary bats

In light of a higher-than-expected number of Hawaiian hoary bat fatalities, Kawailoa Wind has applied for an amendment to its incidental take permit for bats. Read More

Column: State fails at inmate rehabilitation

The Waikiki Health Center’s successful Pu‘uhonua Program had planned to help 480 formerly incarcerated persons between Oct. 1, 2017, and Sept. 30, 2018. Read More

Column: George H.W. Bush: Leader, mentor and a friend to Hawaii

The United States of America lost a great leader and patriot with the passing of former President George H.W. Bush. Read More

From future leaders, advice for the governor

While adults were casting their ballots on Election Day, Nov. 6, students from all across the state elected to learn and be empowered. Read More

Climate change: Redraw policies to adapt

As authors of the chapter covering Hawaii and the U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands in the “Fourth U.S. National Climate Assessment,” which was released by the federal government on Black Friday, my colleagues and I encountered a dire picture of climate impacts that are now affecting communities and ecosystems across the state. Read More

A 21st-century civic center for Honolulu

A motivational writer once said that we should “look at things not as they are, but as they can be.” Read More

Column: Finance 101: Learning fundamentals can lead to expertise

Our system doesn’t do a great job of teaching financial literacy and that can be harmful to the public (“Dollars & sense,” Insight, Nov. 25). Read More

Column: AIDS Day goal: ‘Hawaii to Zero’

On Dec. 1, Hawaii, along with millions of people around the world, will observe World AIDS Day. Read More

Column: Port of Honolulu needs thoughtful development for future

The Port of Honolulu Master Plan — drafted nearly a quarter-century ago — is getting a much-needed update. Read More

Column: Book is reminder for equitable policies

How will our state government redefine “rights, freedoms and prosperity” in 2019? Read More

Column: Don’t delay needed fire sprinkler law

All of us shared in the horror of the Marco Polo condominium fire and the tragic death of four of our residents. The thought of burning to death is hard to imagine. Allowing it to happen again is unacceptable and preventable. Read More

Column: Big implications for open-carry ruling

In a somewhat byzantine tangle of legal events, the state of Hawaii may have figuratively shot itself in the foot. Read More

Column: Flower industry rebuilds from Kilauea

We have seen demand steadily grow over the years. Our primary objective now is to get our farmers who lost everything back on their feet so they, too, can supply that growing demand. Read More

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