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Letters to the Editor

Hate, ignorance always with us

I find it fascinating but predictable that a recent poll claims many Americans believe President Barack Obama is a Muslim. There were many Americans who thought President George W. Bush was an idiot, a war-monger or an election thief.

There will always be ignorance or simple hatred that will show through in polls. There will also always be pollsters that have a bag of tricks to get the data they want.

At least in Obama’s situation, he can take the poll results as a compliment, should he choose to; I don’t believe President Bush really had that option.

Kris Schwengel
Hawaii Kai


Some TSA rules make no sense

While coming home to Oahu after a short stay on Kauai, we purchased treats for our family. We got some Hanalei-brand mixed poi, unopened and still store-wrapped.

Upon going through the security line, a Transportation Security Administration agent removed the container and told us we couldn’t bring that on board.

What damage can a container of poi do? That’s one reason islanders do not bring their special treats to share with their families on the islands anymore! Too much pilikia!

E.M. Isona
Ewa Beach


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Center backers flaunt disrespect

Those who want the Islamic cultural center built near ground zero have the legal right to build it, but that is not the same as it being the right thing to do.

The right thing would be for them to say, "We understand that the tragedy of 9/11 was carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam, and we understand how building a mosque so close to ground zero can be offensive to some, and we do not wish to offend. We withdraw our request and will seek an alternate site at a more respectful distance."

Instead, they challenge us to prove our tolerance – flaunting their disrespect.

Michael Richards


Traffic laws are too weak

The hit-and-run accident at the Coolidge Street crosswalk is another example of our weak traffic laws and enforcement.

Like the tragic deaths resulting from passengers riding in the bed of pickup trucks, our lawmakers must share responsibility for this accident. (Bills to ban passengers in truck beds have been ignored.)

The "half-the-roadway-crosswalk" law is pathetically weak, leaving pedestrians at great danger when attempting to cross multi-lane streets. When the nearest vehicle has stopped for the pedestrian, a fast-moving vehicle in the adjacent lane may be hidden from the pedestrian’s view, allowing no time for reaction by driver or pedestrian. This is a common occurrence on Kuhio Avenue.

With elections almost upon us, now is an excellent time to review the efficiency and concerns of our elected lawmakers.

Roger D. Van Cleve


We don’t need elitist governor

I got Mufi Hannemann’s campaign flyer in the mail. He makes comparisons between his biography and Neil Abercrombie’s.

I’m wondering what the education comparison is supposed to indicate?

Does the comparison suggest that a Harvard grad is superior to a University of Hawaii at Manoa grad and, therefore, better suited to be my governor? I hope that’s not the case; Hawaii does not need an East Coast elitist mentality in Washington Place.

Especially for a candidate running on a "locals" platform.

David Heaukulani


We all must own education

While there has been a lot of talk of accountability as a means to improve public education, important components have been neglected.

Who is accountable for the state Board of Education? The voters. Did you vote for the Board of Education in the last election? How did you choose the candidate you voted for? The elections for Board of Education positions are not hotly contested. But it is up to the voters to demand a higher level of campaigning.

Another important component is the student. Too often students or their parents place the blame for a student’s failure on the teacher. How they teach, how they assess or even the demeanor of the teacher are used as excuses. Placing the blame on the teacher is unrealistic when the student needs to learn to adapt to changing situations. Will future employers change how they do things based on their employees’ feelings or learning styles?

We all must take ownership of the problem.

Accountability means just that.

Egan Kawamoto
Ewa Beach


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