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Letter: Stop rail project until columns inspected

I sure hope someone with a little common sense will stop the rail project until all the rail columns are properly inspected (“Blowing the whistle on rail,” Star-Advertiser, March 20). Read More

Letter: Half measures won’t move homeless along

About half of the population in our jails are pre-trial detainees. Anyone charged with a non-violent crime should be released without bail. This would allow homeless criminals to be incarcerated. Read More

Letter: Trump must be careful when choosing words

Although President Donald Trump is not directly to blame for the New Zealand shootings, the alleged shooter hailed Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.” Read More

Letter: Fear-mongering speech can lead to atrocities

In response to James Pritchett’s call to limit blame for the New Zealand shooting, the prime suspect’s own words make it clear that President Donald Trump and his apologists are very much also to blame (“Don’t blame Trump for New Zealand shootings,” Star-Advertiser, Letters, March 16). Read More

Letter: State lacks ability to build new stadium

Why am I so against the state taking control of building a new stadium, or even the thought of it? The state never builds any project right the first time. What makes you think it can do it the second time? With every project the state goes over budget, even with all the money it spends for studies. It’s never done right. Read More

Letter: Don’t let Ala Wai plan hurt property owners

On first glance, it seems good that the Legislature is moving toward approving Senate Bill 77, which is critical to meet federal funding requirements for the Ala Wai flood control project. Read More

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