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  • Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Letter: Respect freedom of speech, conscience

While slinging slurs can be rhetorically expeditious in marginalizing opposing ideas, it pales as a substitute for civil discourse and tolerance in the public square. Read More

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Letter: Lend support for Discovery Center

We have taken our daughter to the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center in the past and it was a wonderful learning experience for her and her friends. Read More

Letter: Members of Congress should forego pay

Why aren’t more members of Congress refusing to accept their pay during the shutdown, while others are not receiving pay and some are being forced to work without pay? Read More

Letter: Accountability lacking for rail

Disturbing, frustrating: The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation continues to “go off the rail.” Read More

Letter: Dogs in restaurants are a pleasure to see

I support the Hawaiian Humane Society’s bill that would allow pet dogs to accompany their human guardians to a cafe or restaurant on Oahu. Read More

Letter: Hirono’s style doesn’t play well

After watching U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono exercising her apparently newly adopted assertive and confrontational style during the confirmation hearing of attorney general nominee William Barr, and following her performance in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, I’ve just got to ask: Will someone give her a clue? Read More

Letter: Safety requires clearing sidewalks

The Honolulu sit-lie bans, although unpopular with some who identify themselves as politically progressive, are necessary from a walking safety standpoint. Read More

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