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UH-USC game hurt by lousy officiating

I’m a big fan of University of Hawaii football. First, I’d like to say how proud I am of the showing Hawaii made against University of Southern California.

That said, I must comment on the terrible officiating. I’m not talking about the touchdown the officials stole from Hawaii at the end of the first half, although that was bad. I’m talking about them letting a USC player get away with a clear and purposeful head shot that caused the Hawaii quarterback to suffer a concussion. Football is a violent game, and concussions are going to occur. But when a defender takes a cheap shot at a runner’s head, that’s dirty football.

Not only was that lousy officiating, it gives a silent OK to guys who play dirty football — and that’s what that particular play was. Obviously, this official doesn’t care about the serious head injuries that the NCAA is trying to prevent by penalizing players for cheap shots to the head.

Bill Madauss


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Curran and Kekaula do great job on radio

I hope University of Hawaii football fans at home appreciate the fantastic job that Bobby Curran and Robert Kekaula do as the voice of the Warriors on 1420 AM radio.

You really noticed their superior reporting vis a vis the ESPN fellows during the USC game.

I mean, how many times can you mispronounce players’ names before somebody in the booth tells you how to say Pilares and Paredes?

But just on analyzing plays, C&K have it down pat. Thanks, guys!

Bob Jones


Sign in crosswalk works in Manoa

I agree with Milly Ring about the importance of using crossing flags at crosswalks ("Crossing flags could save lives," Star-Advertiser, Sept. 3).

On East Manoa Road in Manoa, between Starbucks and Safeway, there is a permanent sign warning drivers to stop for pedestrians. This sign is sticking up in the middle of the crosswalk and it is highly noticeable as a driver nears the crosswalk.

Perhaps similar signs at crosswalks in Moiliili would save more lives and spare the elimination of some crosswalks. The farther apart the crosswalks are, the more likely a pedestrian would jaywalk.

Milicent Morikawa


Not all Christians are narrow-minded

I’d like to respond to Don Harryman’s recent letter outlining his struggle to understand self-proclaimed Christians who discriminate against homosexuals ("Many ‘Christians’ simply bigoted," Star-Advertiser, Sept. 2).

Don, not all Christians are exclusive and narrow-minded. This false representation of being Christ-like is the very reason so many people are turned off to organized religion. This fear-based hate goes directly against His teachings.

I believe, as a Christian woman myself, that if Christ returned to Earth today, he would not be wearing a red T-shirt at the Capitol, but inviting all people to the table. No exceptions.

I can’t imagine Jesus telling any of us who we can and can’t love.

Susan Bruhl


Recent repaving seems superficial

Recently Hind Iuka Drive in Aina Haina, at the very top, was "repaved."

I use quotes since I have never seen a re-paving job like that before.

The job is just a skim coat of paving, almost like painting the street with asphalt. The thickness is not like the normal 2 inches but instead is barely the thickness of the gravel used in paving, which is about 1/8-inch in diameter.

Already the skim coat is showing places where it has worn through and the original paving is visible.

Previously the street was cracked, and weeds and grass were growing through the cracks and around manholes. Numerous potholes were present. Now, all the cracks and pothole patches are gone, painted over with a coating of asphalt and gravel.

This Hind Iuka Drive "repaving" is horrendous. It won’t last three years.

Melvin Minakami


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