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Letters: U.S. urgency for Trump, loyalists to accept reality; Get Guard, pharmacies to roll out vaccines, now; End rail at Chinatown, shut stadium upper areas

                                COVID-19 vaccinations began last month, as seen in this Dec. 17 photo of Tripler Army Medical Center health workers. But some residents are questioning the vaccine rollout pace.
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COVID-19 vaccinations began last month, as seen in this Dec. 17 photo of Tripler Army Medical Center health workers. But some residents are questioning the vaccine rollout pace.

The news that President Donald Trump is pressuring Georgia officials to find ways to change election results strongly suggests that he is having some mental health issues. There is urgency that the country find some solution before any major crisis is precipitated.

We also need to find ways to help people in his camp to adapt to reality, for which we all could use some compassion. Our country needs to move forward and fast on pressing matters for everyone’s welfare; we are in a crisis. There is urgency and every day is critical before more harm is done.

Birendra Huja



Dems should welcome, not protest, vote probe

In this ongoing controversy over the recent presidential election, somehow I get the feeling that the Democrats do protest too much.

If they were near as concerned about the sanctity of the election as they say they are, it seems to me that they would be right on board with a proper investigation. Something to set the record straight.

Instead all we hear is “baseless allegations,” “treasonous accusations, “sedition,” “defying the will of the people,” “a coup” and other charges from the left. Nothing to see here, they say, it’s all good, we won fair and square.

They need to be reminded that at least in three recent electoral votes, and one further back — 1969, 2001, 2005 and 2017 — it was they, the Democrats, that called for decertification of electors, protesting just as the president is now doing.

Are they concerned that something untoward may be found?

Gordy Fowler



Get Guard, pharmacies to roll out vaccines, now

Where are the vaccinations?

Yes, the federal government has been slow to deliver to Hawaii but …

>> Only 25,000 have been vaccinated, but 60,000-plus doses are still in warehouses in Hawaii?

>> Where is Gen. Kenneth Hara and his Hawaii National Guard?

>> I’ll be 68 next year, and went to Longs in Liliha to check when I could get vaccinated. It had no plan or sign- up — yet its parent, CVS, is publicizing the vaccination program on the mainland?

Here is my plan, from a small businessman:

>> Distribute all Pfizer vaccines to hospitals and start statewide drive-thru vaccinations, tomorrow.

>> Distribute the Moderna vaccines to all the 21 community health centers to start statewide drive-thru vaccinations, tomorrow.

>> Rally Hawaii National Guard troops to start mass drive-thru inoculations at all civic centers statewide.

>> Enlist Longs and Walgreens to start going out and vaccinating all the 2,300 care and retirement homes, immediately.

Let’s administer 10,000 vaccines a day in Hawaii. It can be done. We would be pau by March!

R. Erik Soderholm



More COVID deaths than from Civil War or WWII

Looking back at our frantic 2020 year, it was akin to a fulfilled prayer if you survived the coronavirus pandemic. In our history, the 2020 virus death toll will be remembered for causing more American deaths — 346,037 in just the first year — than the 214,938 battle deaths of the Civil War (1861-1865), or the 291,557 battle deaths in World War II (1941-1946).

The worst aspect was losing a dear family member or a dear friend, while a vain bully in a White House disparaged the threat into his own passing.

Rock Rothrock



End rail at Chinatown, shut stadium upper areas

Two recent newspaper and letters to the editor submissions make a lot of sense to me. The first was a call to end the rail system near Chinatown. Up until recently, suggestions/recommendations were to end the rail at Middle Street, near TheBus transit station. However, ending rail at Chinatown makes more sense now. Doing this would end the ever-spiralling, out-of-control cost of rail and get it running sooner.

The second submission called for continued use of Aloha Stadium by closing off the upper levels and just using the lower orange and blue sections. Seating in just these areas may amount to around 30,000 seats (close to the proposed new 35,000 seat replacement stadium). By doing this, a fixed-up (and reduced-size) stadium would save money and time, and continue to provide a venue for larger sporting and other events.

I would like to read about authorities seriously considering these alternative actions.

Stephen Kabei

Salt Lake


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