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Column: Malware can hide out in email attachments

Last week saw another spate of malware attacks via email to which many folks fell victim. Several high-profile ransomware outbreaks have hit in the past few weeks, snaring, among others, municipalities and nonprofits. Read more

Data backup still needed for cloud-based storage

With the advent of online storage offerings such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive and SharePoint, many individuals, businesses and government agencies have taken to storing their data in the cloud. Read more

Column: Pesky updates are needed to help software run smoothly

Everyone has experienced it. Trying to get out of the office for the day, needing to make an important call or just wanting to use their device but being stymied by … updates. Regardless of your device of choice, updates are a regular occurrence of technological life. Read more

Taking the mystery out of the ‘Caller ID’ feature

Ever call someone on the mainland and have them tell you, “I only answered because you’re the only one with an 808 number who ever calls me”? Or worse yet, have someone tell you, “I would’ve answered if I knew it was you”? Read more

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