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Name in the News: William Hoshijo

William Hoshijo, executive director of the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission, is gratified when its work yields results in the courtroom, but some important cases have been settled by the commission itself. Read More

Political push and pull over public preschools

The noble goal of providing more public preschools is in a political tug of war between two state agencies. Read More

Name in the News: Bruce Anderson

Some of the issues have changed, said Bruce Anderson, since the last time he was state Department of Health director, but the job feels about the same: working to move public health improvements forward. Read More

Former Hawaii newspaper writer Burl Burlingame had a passion for wartime aviation history

William G. “Burl” Burlingame — author, historian and a veteran feature writer for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and its predecessor, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin — died Friday at his Kailua home. He was 66. Read More

William ‘Burl’ Burlingame, author, historian, writer, dies at 66

William G. “Burl” Burlingame — author, historian and a veteran feature writer for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser — died today at his Kailua home. He was 66. Read More

Name in the News: Philip Bossert

The latest project for Philip Bossert, executive director of the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, is shepherding through a bill that clarifies a law ensuring that all private schools in the state are licensed. Read More

Oahu’s recycling programs face challenges

Sorting isle trash for recycling is a worthy “green” impulse, but difficulty in making recyclables pencil out may have more of the waste going to H-POWER. Read More

Name in the News: Greg Chun

In life, said Greg Chun, people tend to get motivated when something gets personal. Read More

Name in the News: Shan Tsutsui

When Shan Tsutsui was born on Maui 47 years ago, agriculture was so much a part of the landscape that everyone took farming for granted. Read More

Name in the News: Ulalia Woodside leads The Nature Conservancy

Ulalia Woodside sees a world of challenges surrounding her in her job — executive director of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) of Hawaii — given all the environmental crises of the current era. Read More

Shifting gears: Fewer teens seeking driving permits

Once upon a time, teenagers burned with impatience before finally coming of age — 15-1/2 years old in Hawaii — for getting their learner’s permit and getting behind the wheel. Read More

Shifting gears: Technology, urban living evolve transit trends

Evolving technologies and habits fuel new ways of getting around Oahu — including without one’s own car. Read More

Name in the News: Manuel Neves

Manuel Neves will hit the big 4-0 in February. Not his birthday; he revealed his last one was No. 64. Read More

Name in the News: Sam Millington of Partners in Care

Sam Millington’s academic background in anthropology gave him a wide-ranging, globe-spanning career, focused on management consulting in nonprofits, business and government agencies. Read More

Name in the News: Ed Stone

Ed Stone, executive director of the Thirty Meter Telecope, has seen plans diverted by the course of history long before an uprising over Hawaiian cultural and environmental concerns threatened to up-end this latest project atop Mauna Kea. Read More

Name in the News: Linda Santos

Dogs and cats and turtles, oh my! As it turns out, that was the path, starting in childhood, that led Linda Santos to her post in charge of Honolulu’s lions and tigers and bears. Read More

Initiative focuses on more trees in Oahu’s concrete jungle

The canopy of trees that shade developed parts of Oahu is shrinking. The city, and an enlarging network of nonprofit groups concerned about that, are working to reverse that trend. Read More

Name in the News: Susan Ballard

Susan Ballard never planned to be a police officer. Read More

Much achieved in last ConCon, held in 1978

Today’s ConCon debate echoes some themes from the lead-up to the previous Constitutional Convention, held through the summer of 1978. Read More

Carla Houser gives back to homeless youth at RYSE Hawaii

Carla Houser seems so comfortable, so enthralled with carrying out her new mission with homeless youth that it comes as no surprise: She’s now giving back. Read More

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