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Editorial: More oversight for rail project

The Legislature wanted greater oversight of the Honolulu rail project, and part of that impulse led to the assignment of the state auditor to do a series of reviews. Read More

Editorial: Affordability key to TOD projects

The bulk of the city’s transit-oriented development (TOD) in the Halawa area is slated to occur within a radius of one-quarter mile from the proposed rail station at Aloha Stadium. Read More

Editorial: Tell public more about fed probe

The investigation into corruption involving top Oahu law-and-order officials continues to widen and now has become even more concerning, touching the city administration for the first time. Read More

Editorial: DLNR program needs tune-up

Revenue for land conservation in Hawaii is almost as precious as the land itself. Read More

Editorial: After false alarm, systems improve

For many who were awake at 8:07 a.m. on Jan. 13, 2018, they will remember, likely for the rest of their lives, where they were at that precise moment and in the 38 minutes after. Read More

Editorial: Hard lessons for HART in audit

It’s HART’s duty to provide the straight facts — to the feds, to its board and other overseers and, most crucially, to the riders who hope to reap the benefits of the rail someday. Read More

Editorial: A step forward for street hygiene

With this week’s opening of Punawai Rest Stop on the ground floor, there’s a buzz of excitement that the overall city-state-private effort indeed holds that sort of potential. Read More

Editorial: In prison, religious freedom limited

One truism about imprisonment? There are limits. So imprisonment for serious crimes will come with walls and barbed wires, plus the curtailing of many freedoms that law-abiding citizens enjoy. Read More

Editorial: Reforms can cut jail population

The consequences of being charged with an offense, whether guilty or not, can be life-changing, especially for the cash-strapped. Read More

Editorial: Ige should ensure BOE transparency

The whole idea of having the governor appoint members to the state Board of Education, formerly an elected body, was to give the state’s chief executive the reins over the public-education agenda. Read More

Editorial: Keep dogs out of restaurants

Dogs are increasingly an important part of many people’s lives. Among the bits of evidence backing up this observation: U.S. spending on pets has risen from $17 billion in 1994 to an estimated $72 billion in 2018, according to the nonprofit American Pet Products Association. Read More

Editorial: Let politicians go without pay, too

There are people who ought to pay the price for the federal government’s partial shutdown, which shouldn’t fall exclusively on the backs of employees worried about when they might get their next paycheck. Read More

Editorial: Stop legislative gut-and-replace

The Legislature is shortly to begin its work, crafting new laws, revising old ones. It is a complex process for the average citizen to follow, even under the best conditions. Read More

Editorial: Move toward ban on polystyrene

Ditching the containers that durably hold ever-popular hot and cold meals and snacks is no easy task. Still, long-term benefits for Hawaii’s environmental health outweigh cost bumps and perceived inconvenience. Read More

Editorial: Mostly status quo for Ige’s team

If you liked the last four years under Gov. David Ige’s administration, you’ll simply love these next four — since he’s retaining nearly all of his top people as department heads. Read More

Editorial: High cost of park vandalism

Be forewarned, park-goers: 18 more city parks, from Makapuu to Mokuleia, are now closed at nights, in an effort to curtail vandalism and illegal homeless activity. Read More

Editorial: Obama brings leader training here

Former President Barack Obama’s presidential library won’t be placed in his childhood home, but Obama offered Hawaii a consolation prize: a workshop at the University of Hawaii. Read More

Editorial: Implement aid in dying, with care

Two years ago, in response to a medical-aid-in-dying question posed by the Legislature’s House Judiciary chairman, the state Attorney General’s Office offered an opinion that a physician who prescribes a lethal dosage of medication to a terminally ill patient at the patient’s request could be charged with manslaughter. Read More

Editorial: Review standard for vote recount

Democracy has its twists and turns. Few cases illustrate the possible complications of elections more clearly than razor-thin contests, such as the Trevor Ozawa race against City Council challenger Tommy Waters. Read More

Editorial: Aid-in-dying, pesticide ban laws to watch

As state lawmakers prep for the start of Hawaii’s 30th Legislature, which will convene in a few weeks, several laws advanced during last year’s session took effect Tuesday. Read More

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