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She Speaks: Mom receives benefits from her own parenting

I know I shouldn’t have more chocolate. I’ve lectured my kids a hundred times on the pitfalls of sugar addiction. And yet, here I am, as soon as they are out of sight, reaching for the candy drawer. I am a hypocrite. Read More

She Speaks: Naming of beloved pup can be doggone complicated

Now, since I’m planning to adopt a pup from a litter born in January, do I have to avoid names like Streisand, Keys, Swift and Gaga? Hmm. The possibilities are endless. Read More

She Speaks: Constant mental to-dos flood mind of busy mom

The lists run through my mind — even during what should be my quiet mommy moments. Read More

She Speaks: Books of youth still hold magic in adulthood

I’m not ready to leave it all behind again. But my children have not spent any time in the age-halting Neverland, and so they are growing up and leaving the stories of childhood behind. Read More

She Speaks: Tidying up ‘sparks joy’ with help from Marie Kondo

The catchphrase people are familiar with is whether an item “sparks joy” — if it does, keep it. Read More

She Speaks: Busy moms grab ‘me time’ whenever they can

Moms then, now and forever need “me time.” It’s a scarce commodity for any mother until the kids are grown and out of the house. We grab it where we can find it: a pedicure, lunch with a friend, window shopping at the mall. Read More

She Speaks: Christmas thank-yous teach lessons of gratitude

One of my most favorite things about Christmas — and other special occasions that involve gifts, like birthdays and anniversaries — is writing thank-you notes. Read More

She Speaks: Taking steps to create a healthier new year

It’s the eve of New Year’s Eve and across the country people are making out a list of resolutions. Read More

She Speaks: With family overseas, it’s time for new mail tactics

Now that I’ve sent a few boxes, though, the process has become more comfortable. And knowing my family abroad will be getting a taste of home makes me happy. Read More

She Speaks: Chaperoning includes unexpected advantages

On a recent field trip to Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center, I had three kindergartners pulling me in three different directions at one of the interactive exhibits. Read More

She Speaks: Thanksgiving allows time to rest before holiday rush

Thanksgiving is but a few short days away. This is the week we all pause to reflect and be grateful. And today, I am grateful for nothing. Read More

She Speaks: Welcoming new member of family a tough choice

There’s a lot to think about when welcoming a new family member into the fold. The biggest item is probably cost. Young things also tend to be rambunctious, so protecting the house is another factor. Read More

She Speaks: Keiki inherit mom’s love for Halloween

As a mommy of three, the holiday isn’t about me. It’s about my daughters, ages 11, 10 and 6. I do it all for them and I couldn’t be happier. Read More

She Speaks: Halloween in Hawaii translates to cool costumes

With fall festivals to attend all month long, the costume construction starts in late September. That is when the final decisions must be made. Read More

She Speaks: Chopsticks everywhere make life a breeze

I am almost never without a pair of chopsticks — in my handbag, in my car, at my work desk. I can’t remember when I started doing it, but they’ve become a necessity. Read More

She Speaks: Parents give middle child assurance she’s loved

The last thing any mother or father wants is a child who feels ignored or feels the need to try extra hard to get noticed by her own parents. Read More

School forms a yearly trial for parents

I’m going to keep this short because I have a hand cramp. It’s a recurring condition that happens at the beginning of every school year. Read More

Icky episode necessitates home-cooked meals for beloved pet

The gross, smelly situation would have been less disgusting if the dog didn’t sleep on the bed. Read More

From crayons to compasses, school supplies mark passage of time

This school year brings several mini-milestones for my three daughters. Read More

Grocery stores offer travelers experiences beyond food

A trip to the supermarket gives me a hint of the culture of a city in the most accessible way — through the way they eat. Read More

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