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Are you optimistic about the new year?

  • A. Yes, it looks promising (576 Votes)
  • B. No, it could be a bad year (395 Votes)
  • C. Not sure (239 Votes)

This is not a scientific poll — results reflect only the opinions of those voting.

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  • I fear that Trump, who apparently knows little of international matters, will get us into big trouble internationally or continue to put Russian interests (and his own Russian investments) ahead of those of USA interests I hope that the sensible Republicans in Congress will temper Trump’s lack of stability and bias towards Russia.

    • Sensible republicans in congress? Don’t think they exist. One of the bright spots of the Donald is that he doesn’t look upon Russia as the evil empire. This is a major change from past republican presidents who viewed them only as the evil empire. I agree that the Donald will have serious conflicts of interest which should be a major concern to everyone.

    • IRT KaneoheCat, International matters will work them out. So, it’s the nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court and other Federal Courts that will impact the United States for the next 30 to 40 years that is of critical importance. Federal judges who are Conservative Originalists will provide the Conservative agenda for maybe the next three generations of Americans.

  • What a ridiculous question to pose! First, in three weeks Obama will no longer be President of the United States of America. Second, in three weeks Obama will no longer be President of the United States of America. Third, in three weeks Obama will no longer be President of the United States of America.

    Things can only get better from here! And with GOP control of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of our government, the biggest threats to our nation’s well being–Obamacare, Sanctuary Cities, coddling of Muslim radicals, unchecked immigration, and mass alienation of our true allies–about to be summarily eliminated, America is finally headed in the right direction.

    At long last and after eight horrible years, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave!!

    • Yes in 3 weeks you won’t have Obama to push around anymore. You republicans will have to perform. Will it be like the last time you had total control of the government? We had 9/11 within a year of Bush being sworn in and ended with the worst economic recession since the great depression? Yes, lots to look forward to with republicans.

      You are mistaken that things can only get better from here. How are they going to get better? Can you be specific? I will say the Donald is a good choice if after a year or two the stock market rises towards 25000, with the deficit continuing its downward course, and if unemployment remains under 5%. But Votare what will you say if the market falls to 15,000, unemployment rises to 10%, and trump tower is attacked? Will you enlist?

      • IRT Peter (aka Boots), and we have Donald J. Trump to be sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2017. Oh, you do have your cesspool of stench of liberalism to stand in for the fist four years. Religious Freedom will return to the United States, where we can all say “Merry Christmas” and stand at attention when our Nation Anthem is being played. Also, with the possibility of “Prayer” being allowed in our Public Schools.

        • Just curious Kuroiwaj, why haven’t you been able to say Merry Christmas? What happened when you said it? Who has prevented you from standing at attention when the anthem is being played? Really sounds like you have been listening far too much to the imaginary fears of people like Rush. Finally prayer has always been allowed in public schools as any kid who silently prayed prior to a tough exam will attest. So what is your real problem Kuroiwaj? Be honest now.

          We shall see if your so called freedom of conservatism can raise the stock market to 25000 or will it reduce it to 15000? What do you think? Same with employment. Looking forward to all those minimum wage jobs coming to America are we? lol How sad.

        • IRT Peter (aka Boots), my real problem is losing you to the Dark side. Someday, I pray you will return to the Light.

    • And what adults are these? The one who believe in grabbing women’s P*ussy? Great example of adulthood. lol

      Or are you talking about those adults who think you can balance a budget by increasing wasteful spending while reducing revenue? Now that is really being adult.

        • Truth hurts doesn’t it alldunn. Let me remind you it was not me or any other democrat who prided himself on grabbing a woman’s p*ssy whenever he wants. So don’t ever talk to me about morals again. Tired of you spoiled phony conservative brats complaining when Bill Clinton indulged in a consensual sexual act but ignore when your president brags about sexual assault. Your hypocrisy is simply amazing.

  • How can anyone be optimistic when a party that has abandoned all its traditional values will be ruling the country. We will not have a party that built the interstate highway system or gave us Osha which has improved worker health. instead we have a ruling party that gave us the worst economic meltdown since the great depression and today only practices Voodoo economics. Income inequality will probably increase and the deficit will probably go over a trillion due to republican new philosophy of deficits don’t matter. Prove me wrong republicans. Lets see you do something for a change. Now is your chance.

  • Deviously incompetent President Obama will be gone in 20 days, what’s not to like? There is finally hope for the future after 8 years of darkness and fear for our country. We will give President Trump a chance, watching carefully to make sure he does what he said he would do and not bend to the corrupt swamp created by our current administration.

    • And what hope is this exactly? A new war with Iran? A new 9/11 style attack on the Trump tower? Please be specific. With the exception of Russia, I only see the Donald as returning to the days of GW Bush where Voodoo rules and the deficit goes sky high. Hopefully he will avoid war.

  • FACT: PE Trump will be POTUS in January 29, 2017.
    FACT: Deplorables, myself included, changed the course of America because of PE Trump’s message and his successful resume. Nat’l POLL 72% feel more optimistic on America’s future.
    FACT: Dems LOST 1030 seats since BO’s 09 Greek Column inauguration. Dems are in total DISARRAY.
    FACT: GOP Election Win was in large part a REPUDIATION of BO & his policies.
    FACT: World is in WORST shape since 2009.
    FACT: Males can use Females bathrooms.

    • Enjoy your success. Now if the dow falls to under 15,000, unemployment rises to 10%, and the budget deficit hits new highs, what will you say then Keonigohan? Will you say the Donald is just a RINO and double down or will you finally admit that Voodoo just does not work?

      Doesn’t really matter how people feel about the future. What counts is how people feel when actual policies hit them. You might want to review the history of your hero GW. After 9/11 he had one of the highest approval ratings of all time but by the end of his term, he was among the lowest.

      I am just going to sit back and enjoy republicans making the same dumb mistakes they have made in the past.

    • I am not. I just remember past republican presidents who come in, think of themselves as God’s gift to mankind and then practice Voodoo to the max. Traditional republican values such as fiscal responsibility and small government are tossed out of the window and are replaced with a government that would make Orwell proud. And all of thi using with other people’s money resulting in record deficits. I hope I am wrong, that the Donald won’t be fiscally irresponsible by giving huge tax cuts to the rich while expanding wasteful government spending but at this point can only go on what he ran on.

  • The US becomes an even bigger laughingstock as the Orangeman and his dingbat blowup doll take the oath (the thought makes me wretch). This horse’s 4 ss will instigate international strife and N Korea will lob a few nukes over to Hawaii after the Orangeman dares them to (he’ll sell his interests in his Hawaii properties first of course). Other than that, what could possibly go wrong?

    • I doubt that will happen but I can see the Donald poking China a bit much and they retaliate by getting the dollar knocked off as the world’s currency. Fortunately this will not happen over night but will not be good for America when it does.

  • If these numbers turn out to be a fair representation, then State leadership should take notice. There is a trend happening here. Sounds somewhat familiar?

  • You Comment Is Awaiting Moderation.

    Hell Yeah! With PE Trump in Office we can all breath a little more easier now that we have a True Leader ! Now if only we can convince our Leftest Liberal friends to stop listening to all the “Noise” coming from the MSM and step into the light! Like Sheep? You were mislead for the past 8 years,it’s not too late to make things right again. IMUA!

  • I predict: Traffic will get worse. Roads will fall more apart. Number of riffraff homeless will rise. Rail will punish us with higher taxes. We will look more and more like the rubbish countries of the Third World.

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