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                                A man looks at discarded electronic devices, including mobile phones, personal computers, printers, game consoles and microwave ovens, in Ota Ward, Tokyo.
Tech View: Eliminate old tech clutter that has no usefulness

Many folks, including businesses and government organizations, have a pile of old tech gear lying around. While we won’t go all Marie Kondo here, it’s always interesting in seeing the tech gear to which people hang on, most of which is useless. What can be tossed and what should be kept? Read more

New York Times / June 20
                                Windows commands over 75% of the market for personal computers, and looks to continue to maintain its position over the foreseeable future. The visitor center at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash.
Tech View: New Windows 11 is boring, but it is an easy transition

When Microsoft somewhat surprisingly announced the release of Windows 11, many were caught by surprise. After all, hadn’t Microsoft said Windows 10 was going to be the last version of its venerable operating system? Now, about a year after its introduction, the initial fanfare has calmed, but folks are still wondering whether they should take the leap. What’s the verdict? Read more

Honolulu Star-Advertiser business columnist John Agsalud.
Tech View: Protecting your DNA data could pay off in the future

With genealogy sites all the rage, many folks willingly submit DNA samples to see their family trees. For a few, unintended consequences have surfaced, at least anecdotally, some taking on the status of the urban legend “What do you mean my dad was the postman?” But it’s the unknown unintended circumstances that give us pause. Read more

                                Teleworkers who use Zoom to connect with the workplace are often confronted with technical difficulties and privacy issues. A model uses a laptop for her Zoom meeting in New York.
Tech View: Staying safe in the age of remote work

When cameras were first made standard fare on laptop computers a few years back, it was common practice for discerning folks to physically block the camera to ensure they could not be unknowingly spied upon. Read more

                                Mark Zuckerberg
Tech View: University of Hawaii’s next head football coach should have been Mark Zuckerberg

The recent hiring of Timmy Chang as the next University of Hawaii football coach, along with all its twists, turns and drama, has dominated local news — so much so that another rather significant story seems to have not gained as much attention. This is the donation by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg of $50 million to UH to help study the impact of climate change on the ocean. Read more

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