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Cataluna: Stairway talk is only too familiar

In July 1987 The Honolulu Advertiser confidently reported, “Stairway to Heaven hike becomes ancient history.” The headline on the Page 4 jump read, “Haiku Valley Stairs Off-Limits for Good” Read more

Cataluna: Islands ask tourists to obey house rules

People on Kauai are trying to get control of the numbers of tourists that crowd “lonely” roads, pack “undiscovered” trails and swarm “secluded” beaches. They’re also trying to manage the behavior of tourists, because as we all know, a smaller number of tourists can be as damaging as a massive crowd if they’re acting like idiots. Read more

Lee Cataluna: Hawaii athletes redefine the point of competing

A summer Sunday morning is about as quiet as the UH-Manoa campus ever gets, but in a corner of an athletic field near the only javelin track in the state, a small group of senior athletes lets their primal screams roar out into the valley as they throw their spears into the air. Read more

Lee Cataluna: With summer comes life in the fast lane

Summer used to be about pineapple harvests and fishing off the pier and sterilizing glass jars for making guava jelly. Lazy days, long hours, the luxury of excess. Now it’s rejoicing that it takes 20 minutes less on the H-1 to get to the office. Chee hoo. Read more

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