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Lee Cataluna: Who has the time for all that (allegedly)?

As more and more dirty details emerge in the multiple investigations into Katherine Kealoha and her hapless husband, the former chief of the Honolulu Police Department, several questions arise from the murky depths of this incredibly tangled situation: Read More

Lee Cataluna: Man’s best friendship has become obsessive

Today humans’ relationships with their dogs can sometimes seem needy and enmeshed. Hawaii needs to get a grip on the always-and-everywhere obsession with dogs. Read More

Lee Cataluna: 1988 called — it wants its word back

‘Hammajang”? Really? That’s the best they could come up with? Read More

Lee Cataluna: Bans are so easy, reform is too hard

In just the last week there has been big talk from the Legislature about bills that would make Hawaii the first in the nation to ban people convicted of driving under the influence from buying liquor and the first in the nation to ban cigarettes. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Hawaii-born bodybuilder Ed Corney was posing perfection

Ed Corney was known for his grace and his perfect posing. He was known among fellow bodybuilders as a good friend and a reliably nice guy. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Judging judges is a poor way to play

There was a T-shirt being sold at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet a few years back bearing the words, “If you losing the game, fasi the ref.” Read More

Lee Cataluna: Still no plan for helping homeless who don’t want help

This is why we can’t have nice things. Because we can’t take care of nice public places, can’t defend them, can’t establish and enforce rules to keep things from being ruined. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Family ends production of beloved pickles

Lylas Uradomo has been documenting the last batch of each product on her Facebook page: the last batch of spiced takuan, the last batch of ogo onion, the last batch of sanbai zuke. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Hawaii is again on bottom (no surprise)

A study released this week by an online personal finance website, WalletHub, named Hawaii the worst state for drivers. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Political winds of change are felt

The winds were just about perfect. As state Sen. Kai Kahele stood at the podium at Hilo’s historic Mooheau Bandstand to announce his campaign for the 2nd Congressional District, the American and Hawaii state flags behind him swelled and waved in the breeze as if in a slow-mo scene from a blockbuster movie. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Good intention trapped in outdated local style

It’s unfortunate that Case’s attempt to build a connection backfired, because clearly he didn’t intend the remark to come off so badly. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Pilot reaches goal with quick trip to Molokai

On Tuesday morning Briggs Wood took off from Kahului Airport in just about perfect weather to meet the goal he had set for himself. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Despite masking, Gabbard’s words remain

It seems like half the songs on the radio have dirty lyrics edited out, but not in a smooth, unobtrusive way. In an obvious way. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Chinese church says aloha to its pastor, Kekapa Lee

The First Chinese Church of Christ held a Hawaiian dinner for 300 members to say aloha to their kahu, Pastor Kekapa Lee, who is retiring after nearly a decade at the church. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Just go talk to the guy

Soon the 2019 legislative session will open, the Honolulu City Council will, hopefully, have all members officially seated and ready to rumble, and the news cycle will turn to a fresh spate of bills regulating behavior that people could pretty much deal with on their own if only everyone had better social skills. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Class on falling springs back into action

In the summer of 2017, Bill Doi, a fifth-degree black belt in aikido, taught a group of about 10 senior citizens how to fall. Read More

Lee Cataluna: One person’s trash is another’s violation

This is probably one of those things that happens all the time but rises up to a level of awareness only every few years: the people who come through neighborhoods to scavenge through trash. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Fireworks ban as ineffective as temperance

It’s as though Oahu is divided into two tribes. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Dusty, dull bureaucracy revealed in time capsule

On March 15, 1969, the newly completed Hawaii state Capitol was dedicated with the placing of a time capsule in a cornerstone of the building. Read More

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