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  • Monday, May 20, 2019
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Data taken atop Mauna Loa forewarn of climate change

Atmospheric carbon dioxide measurements taken at the summit of Mauna Loa have surpassed 415 parts per million for the first time in modern history in what scientists say is yet another jarring reminder of the effects of man-made climate change. Read more

Microplastic vacuum prototype shows promise

A large, motorized vacuum cleaner designed to remove small plastics from beaches has been tested in Hawaii with the eventual aim of mass-producing a machine to tackle the growing worldwide problem of marine microplastics. Read more

OHA slashes trustees’ allowance

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs Board of Trustees on Thursday cut the $22,200 annual allowance for each trustee by two-thirds and placed other limitations on the funds. Read more

Endangered kiwikiu birds to get second home

Following up on the success of its alala reintroduction program, the state and its conservation partners say they plan to establish a second population of the endangered kiwikiu on the leeward slopes of Haleakala. Read more

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