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Russian general says new weapons will ‘neutralize’ U.S. shield

MOSCOW » Russia’s strategic nuclear forces chief says its new weapons will be capable of “neutralizing” any potential missile defenses.

Col. Gen. Sergei Karakayev, the Strategic Missile Forces’ commander, said today in remarks carried by Russian news agencies that the nation’s military planners have taken into account the emerging potential of NATO’s U.S.-led missile defenses.

The Kremlin long has described the U.S. missile shield as a top threat to Russia, dismissing Washington’s claim that it is intended to fend off an Iranian missile threat.

Karakayev said that while the existing U.S. missile defense isn’t capable of deflecting a missile attack Russia is capable of launching, the American missile shield will become more advanced in the future.

He added that Russia already has taken steps that would “guarantee neutralizing” any prospective missile defense.

5 responses to “Russian general says new weapons will ‘neutralize’ U.S. shield”

  1. choyd says:

    “He added that Russia already has taken steps that would “guarantee neutralizing” any prospective missile defense.”

    You mean firing an absurd number of cruise missiles at every interceptor station before launching ICBMs? This is why missile defense won’t work against a near peer enemy. They can simply overwhelm it.

    • thos says:

      You present yourself like one of those sneering know it alls who 32 years ago dubbed the Gipper’s Strategic Defense Initiative a totally unworkable ‘star wars’ fantasy.

      If that is so, no wonder you are so grumpy and given to grumbling cheap shots. Must be tough finding yourself on the wrong side of history (and so many other things as well).
      Ta Ta for now.

      • choyd says:

        STI was and is still unworkable. We STILL cannot differentiate between mylar balloons and real warheads. We still cannot protect all of the ground and satellite stations we need to track incoming ICBMs and MRVs. We still cannot deal with radiation from a planned explosion in space meant to scramble detection methods. We still cannot overcome a thousand incoming MRVs. STI was meant to be a money bleed to ensure that the Soviet Economy fell. It was never intended to actually stop ICBMs. In that aspect, it worked well, but fools like you, who demonstrate gross ignorance on literally every topic you post about don’t understand.

        Tell me where I’ve been wrong. Please. Show me. You can’t and you will run from this challenge as you have always run from every challenge in your entire life.

      • choyd says:

        Thos, you know how we know I’ve won?

        Because the only thing you have left is substance free sniping. You cannot, will not and will never provide a substance based reply to me. All you have left is substance free sniping. I drop hard arguments on you, and you reply with personal attacks and snide remarks based on personal attacks. Go ask the state for a refund on your parent’s property tax for the failed education the DOE provided you.

  2. wrightj says:

    The Cold War, revisited.

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