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Police make 8 trespassing arrests at aha

Honolulu police have arrested eight people for trespassing at a golf club where Native Hawaiians are gathered to discuss self-governance.

Police spokeswoman Michelle Yu says six men and two women were arrested at noon Monday.

This is the final week of the four-week convention at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club in Kailua. Participants aim to draft a governing document, which could eventually go before the Native Hawaiian community for ratification.

Some Native Hawaiians have been protesting the effort for various reasons, including opposing federal recognition.

Kahookahi Kanuha says he and others were arrested after they entered the golf club gates.

Organizers originally planned to have 40 elected convention delegates. They later invited all candidates to participate after facing a legal challenge to the election.

19 responses to “Police make 8 trespassing arrests at aha”

  1. mikethenovice says:

    Hawaiians are really a do it yourself penal court system on their terms?

  2. iwanaknow says:

    ……well that looks good on your resume…..arrested……..

  3. DiverDave says:

    This Aha is a scam, and the attendees do not speak foe anyone but the racist wing of the sovereignty fringe movement. Nothing but a KKK meeting.

  4. taka16 says:

    #KaaihueToTheRescue #KaaihueWillSaveTheDay
    #Hawaiians Unite

  5. BigIsandLava says:

    It seems that the majority is okay with the fact of a nation illegally displacing another peaceful nation of their rights and existence, but walk unto a golf course without permission or exercising your given right to protest, arrested. And people that were not directly affected by the illegal overthrow simply suggesting to get over it. Interesting that the ones that suggested that we get over it were not affected by the loss of a nation and those that are protesting are just continuing the fight for the voices and spirits of Hawaiians (majority)during the conflicts in question.

  6. NanakuliBoss says:

    No problem. Courts will dismissed on grounds of right of speech. AHA does not own Golf course.

  7. NanakuliBoss says:

    Wait. We’re any of these protesters carrying rifles and YouTube shooting? And holding Press Conferences? For 5 weeks? Oh yeah, wrong color.

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