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Letters: Tourists should take 2nd COVID-19 test on arrival; Renters foolish if they willfully skirt obligations; Hire more Black officers

Gov. David Ige has embarked us on a dangerous COVID-19 experiment in order to restart tourism. One (yet to be defined) test, 72 hours before coming here, is guaranteed to let people with the virus into Hawaii. Hospitals routinely test twice before releasing a patient. There are a lot of tests. They all provide some level of false results. Will we accept foreign tests? Three days after a test is plenty of time to contract the virus before arriving here.

We clearly need a second test on arrival. It sounds like it’s a matter of money. Why would an incoming person not have to pay for their second test on arrival? Call it an entry fee. Why is our health-being put at risk because proper testing costs money and the visitor industry wants to make traveling here more convenient?

Hawaii could have a maskless future if we are vigilant about this. Do you want to wear a mask forever?

Brian Barbata



Include number of tests being done in daily stats

It’s important to know the total number of positive cases of coronavirus each day, but what are the total number of tests done each day?

Understandably, the test results are not immediate, but they would provide us some perspective of how many daily positive cases there are in relationship to the daily total number tested within a given time frame.

The results show that of the total tested since February, 1.2% tested positive. But what does this percentage really mean if we don’t know what type of cases were tested? Were they mostly symptomatic or asymptomatic, and how many were just randomly selected with no symptoms? If the total tested were mostly symptomatic, then the 1.2% would probably be much less if the general population was tested. We need more information.

Audrey Abe



Renters foolish if they willfully skirt obligations

No doubt renters and landlords are both suffering. Renters can be a hair’s breadth away from being homeless. Landlords can lose their investment.

But if a renter is thinking of taking advantage of the “no evictions moratorium” (“Some renters don’t pay even if they can,” Star-Advertiser, Letters, June 24), to avoid their obligation, they are being foolish. Your landlord will file a civil suit against you. Your name will be searchable online on Hoohiki (Hawaii Judiciary’s public access system), the database for all future landlords, employers and the niele (nosy) to see. Prospective employers and landlords do check this website for reference. Is this what you really want? You will only ruin it for yourself.

So yes, let’s let cool heads prevail (“Give responsible renters a chance to catch up,” Star-Advertiser, Letters, June 25), and mutually work out a satisfactory payment schedule. We should always do the right thing in life.

Lisa Adlong



Prosecutor left grasping for straws in Deedy case

The Supreme Court will not consider a third trial for federal agent Christopher Deedy (“U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear federal agent Christopher Deedy’s Waikiki shooting case,” Star-Advertiser, June 25).

The spokesman for the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office, Brooks Baehr, called the decision “regrettable,” and the office said it now will try for a first-degree assault charge.

Keith Kaneshiro’s office charged Deedy with murder, even though he clearly did not kill Kollin Elderts with premeditation. Had Kaneshiro’s staff done their jobs properly, they could have sent Deedy to prison on a lesser charge the first time around, rather than this embarrassing grasping for straws.

What’s next? Charge Deedy with public disturbance? Shame on the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office for its incompetence in this case.

Sean Goodspeed

Ala Moana


Don’t forget funding for crucial family planning

As Hawaii faces economic uncertainty, widespread job loss and a stressed health-care system, it is more important than ever that safety net health-care providers have funding to provide essential services, including family planning and early prenatal care.

Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services (KKV) is one of 13 community health providers on six islands that rely on funding from the Hawaii Department of Health to provide these services. KKV serves young parents with toddlers in tow, busy working women and teens who walk in after school, in person and via telehealth.

DOH funds at KKV pay for an easy- access Walk-In Family Planning Clinic, where bilingual counselors provide pregnancy tests, birth control and early prenatal care. Ninety-five percent of these patients live on incomes at or below federal poverty level.

We urge the governor and Legislature to include $2.4 million for family planning in this year’s budget.

Sara Bauer

Maternal child health director,

Kokua Kalihi Valley


Hire more Black officers to reflect communities

What can be done to deal with the reported discrimination-killing of Blacks by white police officers is to hire more Black police officers, especially in Black communities. Hiring of Hispanic and Asian police officers in their communities also should be done.

The aforementioned would end the racial-discrimination criticism of police officers doing their duty.

If nothing is done to solve this problem, we could see an increase in criminal activity as white police officers may become hesitant in taking lawful action against Blacks, especially with those resisting arrest.

Bill Prescott



Trump’s rallies in COVID hotspots harming GOP

As an independent, I’ve been saying for almost four years that President Donald Trump would kill the Republican Party. Now, apparently, he’s trying to kill actual Republicans.

That’s the only conclusion possible after he blindly went ahead with unmasked campaign rallies in places where COVID-19 cases are spiking — Arizona, Oklahoma, Wisconsin. And with his plans to move the national GOP convention to the coronavirus hotspot of Jacksonville, Fla., Trump’s “politicidal” intent is clear. He’s going down and taking the party with him.

Don Chapman



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