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Viewers might need to adjust TV to see subtitles

KBS America has changed its picture size and is in a test period, awaiting feedback from viewers. It’s changed from letterbox (black bars ontop and bottom) to pillarbox (black bars to the left and right), and, as a result, many viewers who have their TV settings on “zoom” have had the subtitles basically disappear from their screens. Read more

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Bowl of bibimbap great complement to K-dramas

The Korean dish bibimbap, which literally means mixed rice, is getting a lot of traction for its versatility, ease of making, health benefits, scalability and taste. Read more

Big Bang’s G-Dragon collaborates on Korean theme park

K-pop has added a new dimension to the industry: theme parks. The new 617-acre Jeju Shinhwa World will host hotels under the Marriott, Four Seasons and other brands, villas, a casino, an amusement theme park, a Lionsgate movie world, a water park, shopping, restaurants and YG Town. Read more

HIFF returns with strong slate of Korean films

The 37th annual Hawaii International Film Festival will kick off Nov. 2 for 10 days of films from all over the world. The Korean film category includes nine confirmed film screenings so far. Read more

Learning a language expands social, cultural horizons

If you know Korean, television dramas could end up being twice as enjoyable if you understand the nuances of the language and culture. If you’re serious about learning the language, there are 23 Korean-language schools in Hawaii to help you. Read more

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