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Rearview Mirror


Rearview Mirror: Nuuanu YMCA once occupied Pali Longs and Safeway site

In January I began a series of articles I call “What Was There Before” — significant Oahu locations and what was on those sites in the past. Read More

Rearview Mirror: 5 vehicular tunnels were built out of 14 proposed

Sometimes one topic I am researching sends me off on a tangent. That happened recently when I was researching Pat’s at Punaluu. Read More

Rearview Mirror: Former Gov. Burns inspired the original ‘Hawaii Five-O’

Last week I had the pleasure of giving an Oahu tour to actress Tovah Feldshuh (“Walking Dead,” “Brewster’s Millions” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”). Read More

Rearview Mirror: 2 beavers, a bay horse and a bank robbery

I spoke at the Hawaii Council of Engineering Societies banquet two weeks ago. Afterward a number of them asked me questions or shared interesting stories. I thought I’d write about some of them this week. Read More

Rearview Mirror: Island organizations mark major milestones in 2019

Milestones are important. In this column, I thought I’d stop and note some significant ones for Hawaii organizations. Read More

Rearview Mirror: Readers ask about auto dealer and the origins of Fort Weaver

Every week I get lots of emails with reader questions and stories. Ted Takai wrote to me recently. “I wanted to ask — where the Ala Moana Hotel is, I remember my parents buying their 1955 Plymouth Belvedere from a dealer there. I think the salesman was Jimmy Pflueger.” Read More

Rearview Mirror: Retired chaplain recalls growing up in Keawe Camp on Maui

I met Kiyo Itokazu recently. He was in the first graduating class at Hawaii Baptist Academy, which I’ll be writing about next month. Read More

Rearview Mirror: Stepping back 100 years in Hawaii

Welcome to 2019! I know. You’re not ready. So let’s take it slooooow. Let’s take a trip back to 1919. What was it like to live in Hawaii 100 years ago? Read More

Rearview Mirror: Recognizing this year’s outstanding characters

Every year at this time I review my Rearview Mirror columns from the past 12 months and award those men and women who have made outstanding contributions to the islands in their lifetimes. Read More

Rearview Mirror: Look back at 2018 features mascots, music and more

Writing this column is always a process of discovery for me. I look into something and, to my delight, often learn many things I didn’t know before. Read More

Rearview Mirror: Stories learned in 2018 include schools and 2 dogs

Each year at this time, I look back at my last 12 months of columns for some of the things I learned in the year. Rearview Mirror is often a process of discovery for me, as well as my readers. In December I like to review the year and some of my favorite stories. Read More

Rearview Mirror: Pearl Harbor pilot overcame 500 bullet holes in his plane

In April I wrote about two pilots who took off and engaged the attacking Japanese Zeros on Dec. 7, 1941. Read More

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