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If I Can, You Can: Homemade dressing keeps salads fresh, economical

There’s almost no downside to making your own dressing: They’re fast and easy, and customizable. Plus they can be made for pennies on the dollar, without the excess sugar, salt and chemicals of the bottled stuff. Read More

If I Can, You Can: Smoking gives shoyu new personality

Smoked shoyu adds dimension, with the smokiness of wood chips providing complexity to the salty umami of soy. Steeping additional ingredients allows for additonal aromatics and a slight bitterness to balance the saltiness. Read More

Practice, confidence key to breaking down a fish

Along with sharp knives and good technique, a key to breaking down a fish is confidence. Read More

Simmered soy milk yields silky yuba skin

Tofu skin is made by heating soy milk. As the milk heats, a layer of “skin” solidifies on top of the liquid, the same way the top of a custard or pudding develops a skin. The skin lifted from the pan can be eaten, but the product is also bunched into sticks and dried, then reconstituted before cooking. Read More

Cassava root a valued staple food around the globe

The pursuit of a Ph.D. in botany brought Brazil native Daniela Dutra Elliott to the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2008. Through the years, she has kept a piece of Brazil present in her life via a beloved seafood stew from her hometown of Bahia called bobo de camarao. Read More

‘Idiot-proof’ chocolate torte is tasty, gluten-free

Kate Wagner has mastered the use of nonwheat flours (think coconut, almond, potato and taro), and alternative forms of sugar and sweeteners approved by the American Diabetes Association, to create her gluten-free, diabetic-friendly pastries that truly stand up to conventional desserts. Read More

Smoky flavors give chili special kick

Students in Kapiolani Community College’s Nutritional Cuisines class requires students to create dishes tailored for restricted diets, including a delicious roasted tomato chili. Read More

Turkeys by the dozen a tradition for ‘Model Mother’

A mother thinks of everything, and if Melissa Wong is anything, she’s a mother. In her desire to keep folks fed, Wong plans ahead for Thanksgiving — way ahead, as a good mother should. She provides one turkey for the party itself and another for afterward. Read More

Light choices are fit for isles’ first family

7-Eleven locations will soon offer a chicken sandwich designed by first lady Dawn Amano-Ige, part of the state Department of Health’s “Choose Healthy Now” campaign. Read More

Grass-fed beef cooks up splendidly

Kapiolani Community College chef-instructor Alan Tsuchiyama is in the middle of a project involving Molokai Livestock Cooperative’s grass-fed local beef. Tsuchiyama was tasked with testing the best ways to prepare five cuts, including cooking methods, temperatures and seasonings. Read More

Meatball master uses beef, veal and sausage

When Mike Wong’s three children left the nest, moving across the ocean to Northern California, they never had to say goodbye to a favorite dish from their small-kid days. Read More

Consistency guarantees quality of home-cooked curry dish

Gordon Lum is known as a barbecue expert, but it’s not just his smoky ribs and kamado turkey that appeal to friends and family Read More

Sponge gourd by any name a tasty addition

Sponge gourd (“hechima” in Japanese) is luffa (or loofah), the dried, scratchy, porous sponge used for exfoliating in the bath. Who knew you could eat that stuff? Read More

Uncased sausages spread out flavors

What’s not to love about sausages? They’re hearty, flavorful and come in such variety they satisfy all palates. Read More

Making Agu Ramen’s gyoza also builds family bonding

Agu’s gyoza is based on a family recipe that Uehara’s grandmother and mother made. It features common gyoza ingredients plus a few other items that up the ante on taste. Read More

Super salsa made simple

In the Honolulu Star-Advertiser newsroom, the food table is probably the most popular spot. Read More

Korean stew is classic comfort food

Chef Chang-Wook Chung has a crazy schedule that leaves him craving homey comforts, and this chige, or Korean stew, is something he likes to prepare for himself at home. Read More

Haleiwa farm produce inspires rainbow hues of hummus

A bowl of beet hummus would normally elicit a double take, its vivid fuchsia hue almost shocking even alongside a rainbow offresh veggies ready to be dipped. Read More

Making mayonnaise is science in action

The process takes some care, but with the right attention to detail, homemade mayonnaise is an easy project. Read More

Old milk, new cheese: Salvage sour milk by turning it into ricotta

If there’s no use crying over spilled milk, there’s certainly no reason to do so over sour milk. Why? Read More

Faux chicken dish proves tofu’s versatility

As a high-school teacher in Japan 13 years ago, Jin Hirata was perpetually battling illness. Read More

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