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Lee Cataluna: Time to plan for next election already here

It’s not too soon to be thinking about the next election, even if everyone’s sick of it all right now. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Day-after waving a sign of character

Sign-waving the day after the election must be especially difficult for the losing candidate. Yet some people rise to that humbling occasion and get back out there to say thank you. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Diversity in politics old news to Hawaii

In covering the midterm elections across the country this week, journalists kept marveling over the “rainbow wave,” the large number of women, minorities and LGBT candidates from across the country who won seats in Congress. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Finding joy in complicated family

Eric Paulson of Pennsylvania knew he was adopted, but he had no idea that his father was something of a surfing legend in Hawaii. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Goosing up outrage, ducking responsibility

On the one hand, there is the particular pleasure of making friends with animals you meet on your daily walk. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Moving the problem doesn’t solve it

The end of the road on the north shore of Kauai is now Hanalei, not Haena. Since the devastating April flood, the road into Wai­niha has been closed to all but those who live there, and residents can drive in and out only in scheduled convoys. Read More

Lee Cataluna: A debate with little fire (and a no-show)

The final gubernatorial debate aired Monday at 9 p.m. following, of all things, “Dancing With the Stars.” Andria Tupola and David Ige appeared between two big barbershop-like poles. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Voters wish for a star on the ballot

The great Duke Kaha­namoku wisely knew that just because he’d win the mayoral election, that didn’t mean he should run. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Shoes are proof that kindness prevails

Years ago I wrote a story about a Kalihi middle school teacher’s efforts to start up a cross- country team. Read More

Lee Cataluna: ConCon meant to be discussion, not battle

Any discussion of a Hawaii constitutional conventions starts with rhapsodizing about the past — how, back in 1978, a new crop of Hawaii leaders was born and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs was created and citizens came together to discuss and to listen and to make decisions for the good of all. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Laws mean little when there is no enforcement

A law without a thought toward enforcement isn’t much of a law. It’s a suggestion. Read More

Lee Cataluna: What it’s like when 1 job isn’t enough

When Local 5 workers talk about their second or third job, though, it’s not about fun money or to fulfill a passion or because the travel benefits are so good. It’s straight-up survival. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Fundraiser for vital service is this month

Several months ago I was invited to emcee a fundraiser dinner for the Waipahu Aloha Clubhouse. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Cost concerns doom plans for preserve in Aina Haina

Last year, a nonprofit organization bought a stretch of undeveloped hillside below Hawaii Loa Ridge in East Honolulu for a notable price: $380,000 for 75 acres in one of the priciest neighborhoods in Hawaii. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Convention center has evolved into a typical state facility

There seems to always be a Cosplay or Comic Con at the Hawai‘i Convention Center, with happy people in wigs, capes and tights skipping across Atkinson to reach the glass-front walls of the building like they’re heading to a crystal castle in their fantasy story. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Campaign trinkets still wanted (sort of)

I was about to write a lament about how local politicians “these days” (“these days” is a requisite phrase for a lament from someone my age and older) don’t give out little logo items when they campaign door to door. Read More

Lee Cataluna: ‘A Walking Shadow’ steps into mind of a murderer

The case of Myles Fukunaga is one of the most notorious crimes in Hawaii history. Fukunaga was 19 years old, dispossessed and mentally ill in 1928 when he kidnapped a young Punahou student, took the boy to a grove near the Ala Wai canal, killed him and then wrote a ransom note to the child’s wealthy father. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Sidewalk laws should be fair to all

You decide to get rid of the carpet in the living room. So old already. The shag isn’t even shaggy anymore. Read More

Lee Cataluna: School marching toward awareness, responsibility

On Thursday, 100 students from Damien Memorial School will participate in the Men’s March Against Violence. Damien Students have joined in the march for the past 23 years, well before the all-boys Catholic school became co-ed in 2012. Read More

Lee Cataluna: The more things change, the less we progress

So many changes and innovations but so few solutions for the deepest ailments and thorniest problems. Read More

Lee Cataluna: Simple gift involves many hands

In a hospital bed in Miami, 17-year-old Rebekah Lewis read the hand-written note from a boy in Hawaii. Read More

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