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                                View from Sapphire suite., Waikiki.
Column: Injured workers, Hawaii economy deserve better access to care

As the pandemic slows down, mandates lift and augmented unemployment support tapers, many have returned to work. However, access to care when injured is increasingly inadequate. Several of the larger clinics offering occupational medicine have either closed, downsized or moved far from town. Read more

                                Walking at least 7,000 steps daily, about 3.5 miles, has significant health benefits.
Column: Get in step with reasonable walking goals that deliver health benefits

Virtually everyone knows that physical activity is an essential component of a healthful lifestyle. But how much and what kinds of activity can make a difference? Do you need a gym membership? Run marathons? Lift weights? Although all of these approaches have benefits, there is one valuable exercise that all of us do every day — at least, if we can walk. Read more

Wealth of Health: COVID emergency order is leap forward for Oahu

As the delta virus rages, an emergency order, Safe Access O‘ahu, was announced this week. It serves to reduce the public risk of falling ill from COVID- 19, protects the young who cannot yet be vaccinated and helps those who are vaccinated from getting a breakthrough infection. Read more

                                Joannie Dobbs and Alan Titchenal for their nutrition column in Crave.
Column: Interactions among nutrients, drugs and medicinal herbs are complex

It’s common to turn to nutritional supplements, drugs and herbs to try to boost health. All of these options can be beneficial when used appropriately, but they all come with potential risks as well. Misusing or neglecting to check interactions between nutrients, drugs and herbs can cause irreversible health issues — even death. Read more

Column: COVID-19 spikes, mom takes ill

My mom just got out of the hospital after two weeks. She almost died from COVID. At 82 she had been completely independent, an avid quilter and reader, tech savvy, still driving, balancing her checkbook, with one eye always on the news. Read more

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