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Federal funds appear to be safe after subpoena, HART CEO says

Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation was served with a sweeping federal subpoena this week. HART officials said Friday they will provide construction documents for the now estimated $9.2 billion project. Read More

Federal subpoena could affect Oahu’s rail funding

Rail officials were hoping the federal government would release more federal funding this month to help finance rail construction. Read More

Feds subpoena Honolulu rail authority for construction documents

The Star-Advertiser reported in December that federal authorities were taking an interest in the project, but it is still unclear exactly what aspect of rail has triggered the investigation. Read More

HART’s public-private partnership effort faces more delays

The city’s critically important effort to launch a public-private partnership to complete the Honolulu rail project is running nearly four months behind the schedule mapped out by the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation last year, but the head of the rail authority says the effort is still on track. Read More

Traffic proposals signal stricter safety rules

Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell wants state lawmakers to pass two eyebrow-raising traffic safety bills that would force Oahu motorists to slow down and use better judgment. Read More

Kakaako road owner claims state law is full of holes

The state is using an unconstitutional tactic and “half-baked” law to stop the owner of a private road in Kakaako from charging for parking, the owner’s attorney has told the state. Read More

Scathing city audit ignores improvements, HART CEO says

The head of the agency tasked with building the city’s 20-mile rail line said Friday that the findings of a scathing city audit deal primarily with issues that occurred during the project’s infancy, and that major steps have since been underway to correct the deficiencies. Read More

Honolulu rail CEO Andrew Robbins gets $10,000 bonus but no raise after evaluation

The public announcement of the results of Robbins’ evaluation was made at the same meeting that the board unanimously approved a $160 million settlement of a claim filed by contractor Ansaldo Honolulu JV. Read More

State auditor questions Honolulu rail spending on contract hires

The report is the second in a series of four that the auditor is expected to release early this year probing the fiscal management of the rail line, which is under construction and wildly over budget. Read More

Rail delays to cost $160M more

The Honolulu rail authority has tentatively agreed to pay contractor Ansaldo Honolulu JV $160 million as compensation for years of construction delays on the 20-mile rail line. Read More

Honolulu rail authority agrees to pay another $160 million in delay claims

The subject of the latest delay claim settlement is a portion of that agreement under which the city agreed to pay Ansaldo $574 million for the design, construction and delivery of the train-control system and 80 train vehicles. Read More

Premature contracts increased rail cost by $354M

Delay claims and change orders increased the cost of the Honolulu rail project by more than $354 million. Read More

Prematurely awarded contracts increased rail cost by $354 million, auditor says

A series of “prematurely” awarded rail contracts doled out to construction companies as early as 2009 prompted delay claims and change orders that increased the cost of the Honolulu rail project by more than $354 million, according to a new report by the Hawaii State Auditor released today. Read More

HART committee tentatively settles $7.5M delay claim

A Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation board committee Thursday recommended approval of a $7.5 million change order to settle a delay claim made by the company hired to build the rail project’s three Waipahu stations. Read More

Loss on rail charter question prompts concerns about community outreach

Oahu voters resoundingly rejected a proposed charter amendment that would have made it easier for the Honolulu rail authority to conduct its business, and one member of the rail board says the election loss was a sign that there is “no public trust in our organization.” Read More

Hawaii only state shut out of federal DOT grants

The federal Department of Transportation will disburse some $1.5 billion to fund 91 infrastructure projects around the country — none in Hawaii. Read More

Night repaving to start Sunday along Kapolei Parkway

City officials said a contractor is scheduled to begin extensive nighttime repaving work on Kapolei Parkway, from Kamokila Boulevard to Kalaeloa Boulevard, starting Sunday. Read More

Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation to pay $13M for construction claims

The rail authority has reached an agreement that will finally allow it to close out major contracts with the company that built the first half of the elevated rail guideway. Read More

HART board approves rail recovery plan

The city signed an agreement with the Federal Transit Administration in 2012 that called for rail’s elevated guideway and 21 stations to be built for $5.26 billion by 2020. Read More


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