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On Tap in Hawaii: Trappist beers a model of quality

With the craft beer world constantly innovating, changing and providing us with new beers to get excited about, one can almost forget about the countless classic beers that have always been here — and hopefully always will. Read more

New brews present variety of flavor options

New year-round beers, one-time beers, seasonal releases, collaboration beers — the craft beer world is constantly presenting new releases, and they fill up beer aisles with fun and exciting things to try. Read more

Learn ‘hard pour’ for full nitro beer experience

Nitro beers are alluring in appearance, but also in their silky smooth taste. Guinness perfected the process of adding nitrogen to beer in 1959. For many years, if you wanted to enjoy a nitro beer you were limited to Guinness and a few other Irish and English brands, or you had to visit a pub that served beer on nitro. Read more

Stone Brewing beers hit Oahu retail shelves

Maui Stone Craft Beverages now distributes brands on Oahu that include Stone Brewing Co., Modern Times, Oscar Blues, Ale Smith, Avery, Great Divide and The Lost Abbey. Read more

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