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Kokua Line: Anti-smoking law applies to vaping near bus stops

Question: When it says “no smoking” at the bus stop, does that mean no vaping, too? Read More

Kokua Line: Out-of-control ‘service dogs’ not welcome at businesses

Question: What do we do when people bring dogs into our business and answer the two questions correctly but then the dogs act up? Read More

Kokua Line: New Humane Society staffer works to curtail feral cats

Question: Last year in Kokua Line there was a question about the legality of feeding feral cats under the heading “Feeding feral cats on Oahu brings duties of ownership.” Read More

Kokua Line: Rumpled cash with survey raises red flag for recipient

Question: I received a survey that says it is from NOAA and that I was chosen randomly to receive it and not to give it to anyone else to fill out. Read More

Kokua Line: Whether safety law applies depends on type of ride hired

Question: When I go to Costco, I always see tourists and local families pile into taxis with no car seats, no boosters, no carriers; nothing to hold in a child or toddler. Read More

Kokua Line: No refund for homeowner who didn’t seek exemption

Question: Can I get a refund or a partial refund for all the years I paid full property tax because I didn’t know about the homeowner’s exemption you wrote about (808ne.ws/kline14)? Read More

Kokua Line: Taking up 2 parking stalls a no-no on public property

Question: Regarding taking up two stalls in a private lot (Kokua Line, Dec. 10, bit.ly/2H20zIp), what about if it’s a public street or parking lot? Read More

Kokua Line: Limited grounds to appeal property tax assessment

Question: Regarding the property assessments, I received my notice but it is outrageously high. No unit in my building is selling for anywhere near close to that price. Is it too late to appeal? Read More

Kokua Line: Contact city about missing 2019 property assessment

Question: My mother is recovering from a stroke and for the first time needs help at home. She used to live alone and handled everything herself. … She says her property assessment should be here but I can’t find anything like that in her paperwork. How can I follow up on her behalf? Read More

Kokua Line: Proof of Hawaii residency needed for gold-star license

How do we know whether our records are on file so we can get the duplicate this way? Read More

Kokua Line: Reader spreads the word about timesaving mail tool

Question: Please, please, please do a column to enlighten people that mailing labels for U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail packages can be printed at home from a personal computer and charged to a credit card. Read More

Kokua Line: Place glossy paper in trash for burning at waste-to-energy plant

The city’s Department of Environmental Services says glossy paper such as magazines, inserts and mailers should be treated as general household rubbish; if you’re on a three-cart route, that means placing it in the gray cart. Read More

Kokua Line: Burning trash in backyard isn’t allowed on any island

Open-burning violations can carry fines of up to $10,000 per day for each offense. Read More

Kokua Line: Rainbow license plate sells as token of Hawaii vacation

You can buy a replica Hawaii license plate for your collection, according to the city’s website. Read More

Kokua Line: Customer disputes citation for taking up 2 parking spaces

Question: My elderly neighbor (in her 80s) was recently given what looks like a parking ticket while shopping at the City Square Shopping Center. Read More

Kokua Line: Go online or call insurers to choose dental plan ASAP

Question: You had an article that said retired military need to sign up for dental. I need the phone number or a list of the companies that we can call. Read More

Kokua Line: Abigail Kawananakoa’s dog in courtroom is a service animal, lawyer says

Question: Is any participant in a court case allowed to bring their dog into court? If no, on what basis is Ms. Kawananakoa afforded this privilege? Maybe the dog is a service animal? If that’s the case, would any person with a service dog be allowed to bring it to court? Read More

Kokua Line: Shoe-box ministry grateful for fabric, yarn and used cards

Question: My sewing circle is disbanding (old age). I have bins of sewing material with nice fabric as well as a variety of yarn. I would love to give it to someone to encourage sewing, which has been such joyful hobby for me. Any suggestions? Read More

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