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Turtle Bay Resort is going "green" in a big way. The North Shore resort is using a 60,000-square-foot "green roof" to bring about energy savings. Finished on Wednesday, the roof was created in part to improve guest views.  Story »

For passengers traveling between smaller cities and large hub airports, the ticket may say Delta, American or United, but they're likely flying on a regional airline whose planes are painted in the major carrier's colors. Story »

 Business Briefs
The Hawaii VA Foundation raised $35,457 on Labor Day at the 2014 Hawaii VA Games in which CrossFit teams competed. The funds were raised with the goal of being divided among nonprofits that demonstrated an immediate need and an attainable goal. Story »
Rella Rivera makes a living having a blast. Sure, she has fun working as Rella on the Radio at Ohana Broadcast Co., primarily on KQMQ-FM 93.1 but also on KUMU-FM 94.7 or KDDB-FM 102.7. Story »

UnitedHealthcare, the nation's largest managed-care insurance company, was taken to task last year by the assistant secretary of defense for causing delays in medical treatment. Story »

Last month, I wrote about the Ranch House in Aina Haina. Before Henry Kaiser developed Hawaii Kai, Aina Haina was the last outpost of the city of Honolulu, said Jim Napier, who grew up in the area and later managed the shopping center. Story »

Few people had heard the term "catfishing" before Manti Te'o famously revealed last year that he had been a victim of the scam, which involves people who create fake social media profiles to pursue online romances. But Te'o is hardly alone in being duped by fictitious online personas, and most instances of catfishing have far greater — and often financial — consequences.  Story »

Ala Kuola, a Honolulu-based nonprofit organization also known as the Hawaii Family Law Clinic, is dedicated to preventing violence and is largely focused on sports teams through the national curriculum of Coaching Boys into Men. Story »

“Akamai Money” seeks out local experts to answer questions about business in Hawaii. If you have an issue you would like us to tackle, please email it to business@star- advertiser.com and put “Akamai Money” in the subject line.  Story »

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Always Here To Help Hawaii
Realizing the need for affordable insurance options and fair access, Masayuki Tokioka and a group of dedicated local businessmen established Island Insurance to help Hawaii families and aspiring entrepreneurs pursue their dreams. Read More »
Good Posture Basic To Good Health
Personal trainer Li Si Yang is on a mission to help people stand up straighter, and ultimately live healthier lives. Read More »

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