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 Arrivals down during August
Although visitor arrivals in August declined slightly and spending was flat against the same month last year, year-to-date results for Hawaii's visitor industry continue to surpass last year's records.  Story »
Outrigger Enterprises Group, which got its start as a kama­aina hotelier in the 1940s catering to middle-income visitors, is putting more of an emphasis on luxury with the launch of its new Outrigger Resort brand.  Story »

The fees that Hawaii's two largest banks charge their own customers for using an out-of-network ATM are higher than the average in 25 top U.S. markets.  Story »

 Business Briefs
Hearings scheduled on Kakaako condo • Farmers sought for Kunia agriculture park • Kailua restaurant to hold closing party; and more Story »
Larry Ellison has sketched out a rough picture for a new era on Lanai. It is how the world's fifth-richest person sees the future of an island he owns. Yet without fine details, it's hard for many residents to judge whether the picture is nice or not.  Story »

If you had walked into Ione and Don Adams' Kaneohe home Wednesday, the only hint that it was not actually Christmas would have been the unusually high temperature and humidity outside. Story »

Why do some people live long healthy lives while others seem to fall ill early and often and then succumb to chronic disease? Dan Buettner, founder of Blue Zones and National Geographic Fellow, traveled across the globe to find the secret behind longevity.  Story »

The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel is celebrating two anniversaries this year. The first is the 60th anniversary of its founding in 1954 by Shigeo and Akino Shigenaga.  Story »

We need more parks on Oahu. We also need to come to terms on integrating rail into urban Oahu. Can parks and rail live on the same platform? Here in the best weather in the world, no one can say we live in a tree-lined, park-filled city.  Story »

The family business legacy of Sam and Helen Chong is entering a new, future-facing phase with Hawaii's first Batteries Plus Bulbs store, set to open Monday at Pearl City Gateway Shopping Center. Story »

“Akamai Money” seeks out local experts to answer questions about business in Hawaii. If you have an issue you would like us to tackle, please email it to business@star- advertiser.com and put “Akamai Money” in the subject line.  Story »

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Bosom Buddies
Kumu hula ‘Iwalani Tseu, who has beaten two types of cancer, is full of positive energy that rubs off on everyone she meets. And she’s gathered a group she calls ‘bosom buddies’ — fellow breast cancer survivors and their supporters Read More »
The Place For Beautiful Weddings
In order to respond to the differences between local and Mainland styles, moving into 2015 Masako Formals will launch a signature line of wedding dresses exclusively sold in Hawaii. Read More »

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