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The exotic birds are long gone and the jungle has reclaimed much of Paradise Park since the Manoa Valley visitor attraction closed in 1994. But new life -- including manicured gardens, hula shows and luaus -- could return to the site under a $15 million redevelopment plan by the park's old operator. Story »

Honolulu-based retailer Martin & MacArthur, known for its koa wood furnishings and accessories, is opening four stores — including two in Las Vegas — in four months. Story »

Derived from Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances tax data.  Story »

 Business Briefs
Employers squeezed by years of rising medical costs and pressure from the health care overhaul are still making employee health insurance a priority, but that coverage might grow skimpier in the coming years. Story »
This column's focus is highlighting local businesses that create made-in-Hawaii products. Today's, however, invites you to consider spending money in support of as many of them as possible this holiday season, especially next weekend. Story »

To avoid damage to communications from working satellites, the NASA Orbital Debris Program tracks half a million pieces of space junk that orbit Earth. The debris is an accumulation of flotsam and jetsam dating back to the first space programs. Story »

I've written quite a bit about Henry Walker Jr. and Sr. in the last year or two. I recently came by another story I thought my readers would enjoy, this one with Third Fleet Commander Adm. William "Bull" Halsey. Story »

Remember back in the good old days when futurists were telling us how cool it would be to have your fridge wired to the Internet to keep track of your groceries? It elicited a big yawn or a rolling of the eyes from a lot of people. Story »

Toni's Lamps & Shades at 1124 Kona St. is planning to close and is having a liquidation sale after some 58 years in business. Story »

“Akamai Money” seeks out local experts to answer questions about business in Hawaii. If you have an issue you would like us to tackle, please email it to business@star- advertiser.com and put “Akamai Money” in the subject line.  Story »

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