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Betty Shimabukuro served as the editorial page writer at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and the editor of the Star-Advertiser's weekly food section, Crave. She has worked in newspapers in Guam, Florida and California, in positions from news reporting and editing to page layout.
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                                Nick Wong, owner, labeling new beer. Beer Lab will be putting labels on cans for a special limited edition release called Electric Lili Pepper.
Beer Lab HI collaborations sell out in seconds flat

Nicolas Wong, co-founder and president of Beer Lab, said the goal is to produce at least one collaboration monthly, restricted to what can be brewed in a single tank. So that means at most only 1,400 cans are available per batch. Read more

By Request: Won bok kim chee

This recipe was published in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in 1999 to mark the Korean May Heritage Festival. Read more

                                Chef Jonathan Domingo, left, general manager Gay Kanbara and bar manager Albert Tsuru in the newly renovated Side Street Inn on Hopaka Street.
The old Side Street Inn is new again

Gone is the dark carpet that not only covered the floor, but crawled up the walls and the sides of the bar. Gone are the beige walls, jalousie windows and old-fashioned drapes. The renovated Side Street Inn on Hopaka Street is sleek and contemporary. Read more

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