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                                 Paula Akana. The retired veteran journalist takes the reins at Iolani Palace, which has a big repair bill.
Name in the News: Paula Akana

Paula Akana has soured on honey. That sweet byproduct of a bee colony contains moisture that can do damage to a fragile historic structure, she said. Read more

Name in the News: Cheryl Soon

Cheryl Soon is well schooled in the issues underlying Honolulu’s rail project — in many ways. For one, she was director of the city Department of Transportation Services, from 1997 to 2004. Read more

Name in the News: Scott Schroeder

Scott Schroeder has wanted to be in education since he was being educated himself, starting with grade school. Whatever level of school he was in at the time, that’s the level he wanted to teach. Read more

Name in the News: Sandy Ma

Sandy Ma, the new executive director of the nonprofit Common Cause Hawaii, now has a mission of making sure government runs well, and in the public interest. Read more

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