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Local Moco: Cookbook reflects Hawaii’s plantation heritage

Anyone interested in Hawaii’s plantation past will be drawn in by “Hawaii’s Plantation Village 25th Anniversary Cookbook.” Read More

Local Moco: Kabocha no Fukumeni (Simmered Pumpkin)

The natural sweetness of kabocha is accentuated by a delicate sauce in this classic Japanese recipe for simmered pumpkin. Read More

Local Moco: Chicken Chop Suey

Every gathering needs a stir-fry to balance out all the heavy meat dishes and deep-fried delectables placed on the potluck table. Read More

Local Moco: KCC grad makes regional finals in Eggland’s Best contest

Andrew Wong, a 20-year-old graduate of Kapiolani Community College’s culinary arts program, is a regional finalist in a recipe competition sponsored by Eggland’s Best. Read More

Local Moco: Go meat-free with tofu poke

Down to Earth’s tofu version of a classic Hawaiian recipe has a creamy, spicy appeal. Read More

Local Moco: Rex Freitas’ Russian Chicken

What’s more local that employing salad dressing, jam and dry soup mix to season a quick, simple dish? This chicken recipe does just that. Read More

Tapioca pearls make heart-smart dessert

Saturday is World Health Day, and ‘Ekahi Health is celebrating by sharing this heart-healthy dessert from chef Marc Anthony Freiberg, owner of Green Apron HI. Read More

Local Moco: Ttok Kuk (Rice Cake Soup)

Koreans, like the Japanese, serve a mochi soup to celebrate the New Year. Hind ttok (Korean rice cake), however, is firmer than its Japanese counterpart and must be cooked and eaten hot in a soup or sauce. Read More

Local Moco: Cuttlefish a winning salad concept

Tammy Wilson’s super-easy salad recipe with a dried-seafood twist won her first place in the “Family Favorites Recipe Contest” sponsored by First Insurance Co. of Hawaii. Read More

Local Moco: Hamburger Rice Peas a versatile, easy dish

The versatile, easy dish Hamburger Rice Peas calls for ground meat cooked with onions, peas and eggs in a shoyu-sugar sauce. Read More

Elevate corn chowder by adding taro

Chef Sam Choy takes a popular dish and makes it better with a version of corn chowder that includes morsels of taro. Read More

Roast chicken takes bath in brine

Wanda Adams’ recipe for roast chicken features rosemary, prized in Portuguese culture not just for its culinary value, but also for its protective ability. Read More

Oven-made kalua pork needs little attention

This simple version of kalua pork needs very little tending as it roasts, yet it delivers a big return as a satisfying isle favorite. Read More

Use fresh mango to make delicious cheesecake

While great eaten as is, fresh mango can also make for a delicious dessert. Read More

Harvest Festival to feature foods from different ethnic groups

A celebration of the harvest season and the autumn moon is the focus of the next event at Hawaii’s Plantation Village from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Read More

Pickled daikon a Japanese staple

Muriel Miura, author of “A Japanese Kitchen,” shares her recipe for that iconic yellow Japanese pickle, takuan, made from daikon. Read More

Sesame seeds add Asian flair to paper-thin cookies

This butter cookie isn’t a traditional Chinese treat, but toasted sesame seeds add an Asian flair. Read More

Traditional Filipino soup combines braised beef, veggies

Bulalo, or beef shank soup, combines braised beef with choi sum, bok choy and “a splash” of fish sauce or vinegar. Read More

Puerto Rican fritters represent plantation-era frugality

This weekend, Hawaii’s Plantation Village is celebrating ethnic dishes that came out of the necessity of frugality. Read More

Spanish rice recipe a reminder of small-kid time

This simple but memorable dish comes straight from cookbook author Frank Abraham’s family recipe box — courtesy of his mother, Thyra Abraham. Read More

Simmered pork and burdock a New Year’s mainstay

A mainstay New Year’s celebration dish, Okinawan kubu maki symbolizes family unity. Read More

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