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Does it Work?


Does it Work: Sushizi rolling tool prevents maki sushi mishaps

The first time I made maki sushi I was in elementary school. My relatives were preparing dishes for the New Year’s Eve party, and my grandmother was making roll after roll. Read More

Does it Work: We tested this microwave device that restores pizza’s crunch

After years of reheating leftover pizza in the microwave with just OK results, the Reheatza Microwave Crisper claims to deliver “oven-quality crispiness straight from the microwave.” Read More

Does it Work: Dunking tools keep fingers in the clear

Armed with three types of Oreo cookies, miniature chocolate-chip cookies, mini doughnuts and cups of milk, we began a quest to see which of three tools would get a dunked cookie into our mouths easiest and with the least mess. Read More

Does It Work: Right Cup could help curb sugar addiction

The Right Cup adds scents to beverages to trick the brain into tasting something that isn’t there. Read More

Chef’n’s cherry pitter 2.0 makes less of a mess

The new Chef’n QuickPit Cherry Pitter is one of several gadgets that can be screwed onto wide-mouthed Mason jars. Read More

Coravin wine preservation system works, but it’s expensive

The Coravin wine system’s website claims “the last glass is just as amazing as the very first.” Read More

Egglettes take away task of peeling shells

If it’s a struggle to remove the shells from boiled eggs, give As Seen On TV’s Egglettes a try. The tiny orb-shaped containers were created to eliminate the hassle of egg peeling. Read More

Powder hardens hot frying oil

The box of three pouches, found at Marukai Wholesale Mart, is covered in Japanese writing, but a quick Google search uncovered an English description under “Kitchen Cooking Oil Waste Hardener.” Read More

Mini baking kit as easy as pie

The promise with Lekue’s Kit Mini Pies is that it will “effortlessly prepare 19 mini pies in one go.” Read More

Smoking gun infuses flavor in minimal time

I really like Breville’s Smoking Gun, which infuses smoky flavor into cooked and uncooked food. Read More

‘Gripper’ gives users leverage with tough jars

Kuhn Rikon’s Gripper Jar Opener is “good for people with arthritis,” and is touted as providing “strain-free lid opening”and “great leverage” for threaded lids that are 1 inch to 3-1/2 inches in diameter. Read More

iDrink puts sparkle in low-calorie beverages

The iDrink product adds bubbles to beverages, pulped juices excluded. I tested the DrinkMate on water, juice, tea and cold-brew coffee — all were fun to do and drink, except the coffee. Read More

Fizzics Waytap adds dense foam layer to beer

Changing the way people drink beer, and making brews from the bottle or can taste better than draft beer from a keg — these are claims made by the creators of a device called the Fizzics Waytap, which pumps beer from a bottle or can through a tap and adds a dense layer of suds on top. Read More

Sealer good, but stirrer isn’t useful

Kitchen Tool’s bag sealer is a pretty good gadget for $2.99. It’s fast and easy to use once you get the hang of it. But Stir Crazy, intended to be a hands-free stirring device, doesn’t live up to its claim of stirring “all sorts of custards, sauces and soups.” Read More

Parsley mill handy, but pain to clean

Ipac Italy’s Prezzemolina’s parsley mill is affordable, but cleanup is a hassle. Read More

Wine gadgets help save juice, illuminate room

Joie’s Expand and Seal Bottle Topper and Rabbit’s L.E.D. Bottle Stoppers are worthy of a place at the table during your next party where wine is served. Read More

Gluten sensor not guaranteed to work

Nima’s Gluten Sensor is pretty pricey for something that can’t guarantee items are gluten-free. Read More

Yoshi Copper grill mat has pros, cons

The Yoshi Copper Grill Mat lives up to most of its claims, such as preventing flare-ups. However, it fails in its declaration of producing perfect grill marks. Read More

Cheese papers don’t live up to hype

Chronicle Books’ Cheese Papers claim to be “ideal for any variety (of cheese)” but don’t really deliver on that promise. Read More

Device preps strawberries in seconds

The OXO Good Grips Strawberry Huller works just as fast as a straw and removes all the leaves, but it probably removes more of the fruit, too, depending on the size of the strawberry. Read More

Cuber makes quick work of Hass avocados

The Williams Sonoma Avocado Cuber works best on fruit of a certain size and shape. Read More

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