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2015 July 6 EDT - Christine Donnelly, Honolulu Star-Advertiser Kokua Line Columnist. HSA PHOTO BY GEORGE F. LEE
Kokua Line: Tax department following up on landlords who may be avoiding taxes on rental income

Question: Some Hawaii landlords are rejecting government relief to cover unpaid rent because they do not have general excise tax licenses and are not paying taxes on their rental income. The tenants were the ones who applied for the relief, thereby identifying their landlords ( rentrelief). Now that the state knows who these landlords are, can and/or will the tax department follow up to demand back taxes from these landlords? Read more

                                Customers still grill their own meals, but McCully Buffet hostess Paula Remiticado and manager Dong Kim can assist if help is wanted.
The Weekly Eater: Finding safety at the buffet

During the prolonged shutdown — even as grocery stores moved toward packaging their hot bar and salad bar items — it became apparent that without similar adjustments, buffets might never return because of the risk associated with shared food situations. Read more

Kokua Line: Job search advised but not required for people to receive extended unemployment aid

Question: I have been unemployed since April due to the pandemic. My unemployment benefits are exhausted and I am eligible for extended benefits for 13 weeks. Is the three-jobs-per-week job search required? I thought the governor had waived that and that the waiver was still valid. However, the unemployment office told me to post my resume and list three job searches per week. Could you clarify this? Read more

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