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Local Moco: Adobo Fried Chicken

Chef Adam Tabura combined his family’s marinated chicken recipe with his love of fried chicken to create a new dish that has become a family favorite: adobo fried chicken. ” Read More

Local Moco: Bailey’s Cheesecake

Make cheesecake that’s extra decadent, thanks to the addition of Bailey’s Original Irish Cream. Read More

Local Moco: Korean table sauces

Table sauces are essential to Korean cuisine. Here are several recipes from Joan Namkoong via her book, “A Korean Kitchen.” Read More

Local Moco: Yakisoba (Fried Noodles)

Tasty yakisoba has transended Okinawa’s shores and become a local favorite. Read More

Local Moco: Chawan Mushi (Steamed Custard)

Luscious steamed chawan mushi is a savory custard served hot in a special decorated bowl with a lid. Read More

Local Moco: Easy Malt Vinegar Chicken Wings

Easy Malt Vinegar Chicken Wings are “easy and tasty,” according to Aiea’s Shirley Murakami. Read More

Local Moco: Tossed Foo Jook Salad

Lynette Lo Tom offers up a recipe for a refreshing salad that she credits to a friend, Linda, in “A Chinese Kitchen.” The recipe here is an update of what was published in her cookbook. Read More

Local Moco: New Year’s Gau

Gau, or Chinese new year mochi, is a staple at annual events like the annual Chinese New Year celebration at Hawaii’s Plantation Village. Read More

Local Moco: Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding

Bread pudding turns a humble ingredient of day-old bread into a decadent dessert. Read More

Local Moco: Snapper Sinigang with Tamarind

This snapper soup recipe is a versatile one, and both simple and flavorful as well. Read More

Local Moco: Anuhea’s Furikake Salmon

This salmon recipe from local entertainer Anuhea was featured in “Cooking Hawaiian Style Two” by Lanai Tabura and Frank Abraham. Read More

Local Moco: Pibimkuksu (Sesame Noodles)

This simple preparation of noodles, served at room temperature, makes a nice side dish, or could be the main course if surrounded by a variety of accompaniments. Read More

Local Moco: Goya Namashi (Pickled Bitter Melon Salad)

This Okinawan version of the Japanese pickled vegetable dish, namasu, features bitter melon. Read More

Local Moco: Chicken Parilla (Chicken with Bitter Melon)

Parilla, or bitter melon, paired with chicken and lots of broth, makes for a cold-weather comfort dish perfect for aiding someone who’s feeling under the weather. Read More

Local Moco: New Down to Earth opens at Pearlridge

To mark Saturday’s grand opening of the new Down to Earth at Pearlridge, here’s a recipe for the sweet-potato salad served on its vegetarian deli buffet. Read More

Local Moco: Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie

This month, Hawaii public school students are being served an Okinawan sweet potato pie, courtesy Hawaii island farmers who grew the potatoes and the state Department of Education’s ‘AinaPono: Harvest of the Month program. Read More

Local Moco: Cookbook reflects Hawaii’s plantation heritage

Anyone interested in Hawaii’s plantation past will be drawn in by “Hawaii’s Plantation Village 25th Anniversary Cookbook.” Read More

Local Moco: Kabocha no Fukumeni (Simmered Pumpkin)

The natural sweetness of kabocha is accentuated by a delicate sauce in this classic Japanese recipe for simmered pumpkin. Read More

Local Moco: Chicken Chop Suey

Every gathering needs a stir-fry to balance out all the heavy meat dishes and deep-fried delectables placed on the potluck table. Read More

Local Moco: KCC grad makes regional finals in Eggland’s Best contest

Andrew Wong, a 20-year-old graduate of Kapiolani Community College’s culinary arts program, is a regional finalist in a recipe competition sponsored by Eggland’s Best. Read More

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