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Local Moco: Adobo Fried Chicken

Chef Adam Tabura combined his family’s marinated chicken recipe with his love of fried chicken to create a new dish that has become a family favorite: adobo fried chicken. ” Read more

Local Moco: Tossed Foo Jook Salad

Lynette Lo Tom offers up a recipe for a refreshing salad that she credits to a friend, Linda, in “A Chinese Kitchen.” The recipe here is an update of what was published in her cookbook. Read more

Local Moco: New Year’s Gau

Gau, or Chinese new year mochi, is a staple at annual events like the annual Chinese New Year celebration at Hawaii’s Plantation Village. Read more

Local Moco: Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie

This month, Hawaii public school students are being served an Okinawan sweet potato pie, courtesy Hawaii island farmers who grew the potatoes and the state Department of Education’s ‘AinaPono: Harvest of the Month program. Read more

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