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What are the essential trace minerals? Get the 411

Consuming adequate amounts of essential nutrients grows increasingly important as we age. This becomes more difficult as calorie needs decline and people eat less. Read more

82-year-old woman turns ribbons into strands of beauty

Lei Day is every day for Mellie Enos. On tables and in a storeroom in the garage of her Enchanted Lake home are lei — hundreds of the brightly colored garlands — that she has made from ribbon for the last 20 years. Read more

Hawaii woman rediscovers her playful spirit through dance

Play is often viewed as unproductive or lazy. It’s that guilty pleasure that is reserved for the young, as grown-ups are expected to be serious and responsible. So, like many others, Renee Tillotson lost her playful spirit when she became an adult. Read more

Ultraracing is euphoric for Jackie Doppelmayer

Jackie Doppelmayer has been running since childhood, but even though she’s logged thousands of miles and emanates mental toughness, the 53-year-old ultrarunner approaches each 50- or 100-mile run as if it’s her first, meticulously preparing for any hazard she may encounter. Read more

Patsy Afuso, 94, is in step with the beat of life

At 94, Patsy Afuso moves with the ease and confidence of someone decades younger. She is the oldest performing member of the Paranku Club of Hawaii, which performs at senior centers, nursing homes and cultural festivals on Oahu. Read more

The secrets to long life: Yoga, yogurt and bare feet

Esther Nowell says three things keep her young at heart: yoga, yogurt and no shoes. At 98, she still travels, teaches art and creates in her home art studio in the same neighborhood she grew up in as a child in Kaimuki. Read more

Wallet Wisdom: Preparing for the Great Wealth Transfer

Seniors have much to think about when it comes to transferring wealth to their children and grandchildren. Consider the following if you want to leave something behind for the next generation. Read more

Longtime volunteer Linnelle Takeuchi has a soft spot for furry friends

Linnelle Takeuchi is a 13-year animal shelter volunteer and spends at least four days a week at the Hawaiian Humane Society. She’s done just about every volunteer job. “I love it. I feel useful. I’m helping the people and I’m helping the animals,” she said. Read more

Hawaii seniors get a kick out of playing pickleball

For about three hours two mornings each week, the thwack of wood paddle meeting plastic ball echoes throughout Koko Head District Park’s gym, accompanied by the nearly constant sound of laughter. Read more

Senior Day Care volunteers cultivate land in Waianae

Every week, 66-year-old Perry Barker leads a group of seniors on a strenuous trail to replace invasive species with native plants as part of the state’s forest restoration project. The group, ranging in age from 49 to mid-70s, work in the nearly 3,600-acre lowland Honouliuli Forest Reserve that is home to dozens of endangered species — more than half of which are only found in Hawaii. Read more

Avoid the flu, not social activity

No one expects to get a cold or the flu. However, unless you live like a hermit, getting the flu may be inevitable. Read more

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