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Eddie Pirkowski (R)

A lifetime of leadership, knowledge, business experience, family values, and really listening to all the people of Hawaii to bring new leadership and relationships to Hawaii to bring all of the people of Hawaii together to make our future great again. Read more

Raghu John Giuffre (ASP)

10 books on economics with solutions for every major social economic issue. Debit cards are far better, faster and cheaper to roll-out for tracking immigration then building walls. Read more

District 01 – Alan J.K. Yim (L)

I am a U.S. citizen and over 25 years old. America was founded by young people that wanted to help protect a society based on liberty. I represent that same brand of young energy needed in congress. Read more

District 08 – Ronald Dan Kouchi (D)

With over 30 years of service in various elected offices coupled with my business background and community service I believe that I am most qualified to continue to serve as a state senator. Read more

Stacy Crivello Helm

I have been serving on the Maui County Council for three fulfilling years and I am seeking re-election. My experience with community advocacy allows me the partner and collaborate to pursue policies to serve my constituents. Read more

District 22 – Kathryn Henski (R)

Having owned several small businesses, I have been responsible for employee hiring, payrolls and benefits. This has taught me the careful use of money, a much needed attribute in government. Read more

District 40 – Randy Gonce (D)

My time in the military serving my country has instilled in me a global citizen mindset, the leadership skills necessary to tackle problems, and the ability to approach each issue with an open mind. Read more

District 13 – Rod Tam (R)

Knowledge and experiences in state legislative and administrative structure and process to legislate laws and resolve constituent problems, public community service, leadership and knowledge experiences. Read more

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