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Barfly: Tiki chic thrives in Honolulu

It’s been an eventful year so far for tiki bar fans in Honolulu. Get the rundown on which bars to visit and drinks to order in this month’s “Barfly.” Read more

Barfly: Beer Lab bucks the tide and expands westward

For Beer Lab HI founder Nicolas Wong, opening his first taproom three years ago was more about making the transition from homebrewing as a passion project to running a commercial brewery. Three years later, Wong and his partners have proved there’s plenty of demand for Beer Lab’s growing lineup. Read more

Kona Brewing Co. marks 25 years

Kona Brewing Co. celebrated its staying power last weekend, hosting a party at its Kailua-Kona brewery that featured a new beer, Hibiscus Brut IPA. Read more

7 drinks to order this summer on Oahu

While the seasons may not change much in Hawaii, the summertime months usually bring updates to bar menus around the islands as establishments refresh their offerings for customers. Sip your way through summer with this lineup of seven drinks available now on Oahu. Read more

At first blush Whole Foods at Ward has plenty to offer

Maybe it’s a sign that I’m getting older, but I was pretty excited at first when I heard the new Whole Foods Market Queen planned to open with not one, but two bars on separate levels at Ward Village. Read more

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