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Rearview Mirror


A behind-the-scenes look at the film ‘In Harm’s Way’

Two wooden houses erupted in flames in Palama as dozens ran for their lives. Bombs exploded, splintering coconut trees. A speeding Navy admiral’s black sedan turned on its side as another bomb fell. Read More

Reminiscing about drive-ins, Seabiscuit and a horseshoe

Many of you have written about the dozens of drive-ins Hawaii had when you were younger and had wheels of one sort or another. Read More

Past Oahu drive-ins rekindle memories of food and dating

Two months ago I wrote about Scotty’s Drive-In, which was on Keeaumoku Street from 1956 to 1974 and in Pearl City. Read More

Beachboys of yesteryear had colorful nicknames

Fred Hemmings has a new book out called “Local Boy.” He stopped in the middle of speaking about it to the Honolulu Rotary Club recently and addressed me in the crowd. Read More

The origin of the hukilau and how Waikiki got its name

It’s time to open my mailbag again. This week I’ve picked two sets of reader questions that touch on Hawaiian songs. Read More

Gone to the dogs Part 2 and wrestling with a bear

A few weeks ago I wrote about some special animals in Hawaii: Patches the horse, who was traded in for a car; Queenie the dog, who went to Baldwin High School on Maui for 10 years; and the Galapagos tortoises at the Honolulu Zoo. Read More

Wallace Rider Farrington High School has storied past

I sometimes like to begin my column with a quiz. Let’s call this one, “How Well Do You Know Wallace Rider Farrington High School?” Read More

L&L Hawaiian Barbecue began as a dairy, evolved

We used to have dozens of dairies on Oahu. Nearly 90 dairies produced over 30 million gallons of milk a year. The high cost of doing business on an island has sent most of them into our rearview mirrors. Read More

Recalling Ala Wai boat rides and other bygone pleasures

I like to go through my mailbag every now and then and answer reader’s questions or share their stories. Read More

Gone to the dogs, and a bunch of other storied critters, too

This week’s Rearview Mirror has gone to the dogs … and turkeys … and tortoises … and horses … and cows. There’s even a bull involved! Read More

Sand Island has storied past but mystery shrouds its name

Herbert Murayama wrote recently to ask whether anyone knew the origin story of Sand Island. Read More

Scotty’s Drive-In served up french fries and marriages

Two weeks ago I wrote about Scotty’s Drive-In, one of the first places on Oahu to sell french fries. The owner, Chuck Fraser, also owned Chip’s, next door on Keeaumoku Street where Samsung Plaza is today. Read More

Wahiawa stirs up memories of a safer and ‘gentler time’

Wahiawa is an interesting community. Most Oahu residents pass through it on the way to the North Shore and slow down only for traffic lights. Read More

How Holiday Mart was named

A few weeks ago I wrote about Holiday City, a subdivision in Pearl City, and the Holiday Mart stores in town, Kailua and Pearl City. I wondered where the “Holiday” name came from. Read More

Now-closed Portuguese restaurant Lisboa stirs readers’ fond memories

Recently I wrote about several Oahu restaurants that existed in the 1950s to 1980s. This generated more comments and email than any column I’ve written in the past year — for places that have been gone for over 40 years! Read More

Honolulu of the ’50s was wild for Scotty’s fries

French fries are on menus everywhere today, but a few readers told me one place in Hawaii was the first to sell them. Read More

Memories of Wahiawa before and after World War II

When I was going to the University of Hawaii in 1973, my friend Julie Heinberg and I often drove to the North Shore in her “Rent-a-Wreck” car. Read More

Answers on ‘Skippa’ Diaz, painted dragon and more

Last month I wrote about Edward “Skippa” Diaz, an all-star defensive tackle at Farrington High School, class of 1962. After a stint in the Canadian Football League, Skippa was a teacher and a coach at several schools. Farrington’s new athletic field is named for him. Read More

Joe Moore comes full circle with rock ’n’ roll radio show

Joe Moore is the nation’s longest-serving news anchor at a single TV station, I believe. While most anchors in the U.S. average five years or less at one station, Moore has been a news anchor with KHON for nearly 38 years. Read More

Remembering old restaurants

Two weeks ago I gave my readers an opportunity to ask questions about places in Hawaii they fondly recalled. Read More

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