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Navy remembers North Korean shoot-down on 50th anniversary

Fifty years ago in 1969, on the 57th birthday of North Korean leader Kim Il Sung, a MiG 21 fighter jet vectored in on a U.S. EC-121 reconnaissance aircraft operating far outside the North’s territorial limits, firing two missiles that killed all 30 sailors and a Marine aboard the Navy plane. Read More

Army retools for high-end fight

The U.S. military tries to fight jointly, meaning cooperatively across services. Read More

Bowfin museum receives $100,000 contribution

The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park, the most visited submarine museum in the world, received a $100,000 contribution from Hawaiian Electric Industries Charitable Foundation today that will support a $20 million revitalization of its campus and education program. Read More

New high-tech destroyer turns heads in Pearl Harbor

A striking and controversial Navy destroyer pulled into Pearl Harbor for the first time Tuesday, turning heads for its sheer size (610 feet long), stealth features and unorthodox wave-piercing “tumblehome” hull on its first operational sail from San Diego. Read More

Navy’s new high-tech destroyer USS Zumwalt arrives in Pearl Harbor

The USS Zumwalt, also known as DDG-1000, is part of a program initiated in the early 1990s that envisioned a high-tech replacement for old Iowa-class battleships that could pound enemy forces on land from nearshore waters. Read More

University of Hawaii might get Navy ROTC program

The stars may be aligning for the University of Hawaii to offer a Navy ROTC program for the first time in its history. Read More

Arizona Memorial access to be restored ‘by fall,’ officials say

The National Park Serv­ice said Thursday it has awarded a $2.1 million contract for repairs to a faulty USS Arizona Memorial dock that should be completed “by fall” — in time for the next Dec. 7, 1941, remembrance. Read More

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen visits Honolulu over Chinese government’s objections

Amid growing concerns that a new crisis is brewing between China and Taiwan, independence-leaning Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen is in Honolulu for an always controversial yet short visit. Read More

U.S. successfully tests defensive missiles against a mock North Korean threat

The $67 billion missile defense system designed to shoot down North Korean warheads successfully intercepted an intercontinental ballistic missile-class target over the Pacific. Read More

Damaged Arizona Memorial shoreside dock to be closed Friday for inspection

The National Park Service said Battleship Row tours in Pearl Harbor will be suspended Friday to allow Navy divers to assess damage to an aging shoreside dock at the USS Arizona Memorial visitor center. Read More

Federal judge wants city reimbursement for Louis and Katherine Kea­loha case

A federal court judge wants the city to pay back the U.S. government for the court-appointed legal fees accrued by former Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kea­loha on conspiracy and obstruction charges. Read More

Hawaii car racing fans push for a racetrack at Barbers Point

A state Senate committee will hold a hearing today on a resolution “expressing support” for a racetrack on 220 acres at a former Barbers Point Naval Air Station. Read More

Flying for spring break? Don’t count on Honolulu airport parking

If you’re traveling off­-island during the busy spring break period, you might want to consider getting dropped off at Honolulu airport instead of parking there due to a parking crunch, state officials said. Read More

Army charts new strategy in Pacific

The U.S. Army in the Pacific envisions becoming a more agile force capable of rotating thousands of mainland troops to the region on short notice and setting up temporary outposts in allied nations or on some of the 25,000 islands that surround the South China Sea to fire missiles at adversary ships and bases. Read More

Hawaii military projects in Trump’s crosshairs

The Pentagon on Monday identified $12.9 billion in military construction funding — including $452 million for projects in Hawaii — that could be tapped to help build President Donald Trump’s southern border wall. Read More

Pentagon IDs $452M in Hawaii military funding for border wall plan

The Pentagon today identified a pool of $12.9 billion in unobligated military construction funding — including $452 million for projects in Hawaii — that could be tapped to help build President Donald Trump’s southern border wall. Read More

100-year-old former pilot recalls WWII fighter duty

A legendary warbird at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum — a shark-mouthed P-40 Warhawk — was recently joined by something far more rare: a 100-year-old pilot who flew the fighter in World War II. Read More

Domingo Los Banos, advocate for Filipino WWII vets, dies

Domingo Los Banos, a well-known Hawaii educator, World War II veteran and advocate for fellow Filipinos who fought in the war, died Friday morning at age 93, family said. Read More

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