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No, your computer probably won’t blind you

Computer glasses can’t hurt your eyes, so if it makes you feel better to wear them, go ahead — but do keep in mind that it’s not likely that you’ll be blinded by your screen’s (blue) light. Read More

Is chronic fatigue syndrome real?

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome is a very real condition; there is a test that delivers a diagnosis that’s 84 percent accurate. Read More

Spices in food offer benefits, risks

Today Americans spend almost $1 billion a year on spices and $300 million on herbs. Read More

Hawaii musician Kalani Pe‘a wins second Grammy

The Maui resident’s second album, “No ‘Ane‘i,” won in the best regional roots category. Read More

In the Lineup: Why Waimea reigns and deserves respect

Not just anyone could surf Waimea Bay, the arena of titans. Actually, it depends. Read More

Show Biz: Valentine’s Day cards feature 2 love songs by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars could be part of your Valentine’s Day cheer this year. Read More

She Speaks: Books of youth still hold magic in adulthood

I’m not ready to leave it all behind again. But my children have not spent any time in the age-halting Neverland, and so they are growing up and leaving the stories of childhood behind. Read More

K-Drama: Action-comedy ‘Extreme Job’ soars at South Korean box office

South Korean film “Extreme Job” has surpassed 10 million tickets sold Wednesday in the 15 days since opening. Read More

Changes to the Grammys address lack of diversity

The Grammy Awards are supposed to be music’s biggest party. But in recent years the show has also become a pinata for critics, activists and even major artists over a host of issues like race and gender — and, oh yes, music. Read More

Japanese internment photos inspire new documentary

Though she was given some restrictions, Dorothea Lange was generally left to her own devices. What she recorded was a deep, quiet sadness. Read More

Latest ‘Maigret’ television series set in France but not filmed there

So many questions, and you are not the only one asking about the TV tales based on books by Georges Simenon about French detective Jules Maigret. Read More

HTY shares heartfelt stories in ‘Home of the Brave’

Enduring frequent moves, having to make new friends and missing a parent who is deployed — such heartfelt stories about the experiences of children in military families inspired Honolulu Theatre for Youth’s newest production, “Home of the Brave,” opening Friday at Tenney Theatre. Read More

Parental Guidance: ‘Glass’

None of the violence in “Glass” is too graphic and gory — which is fine for teens, and possibly older kids if they are interested. Read More

Celebrate the ukulele at Kakaako festival

Celebrate the beloved ukulele at the 11th annual ‘Ukulele Picnic in Hawai‘i, a free music festival Sunday at Victoria Ward Park in Ward Village. Read More

Hawaii State Art Museum helps patrons see world in watercolor

Families are welcome to join Hawai‘i Watercolor Society members as they teach watercolor techniques and guide visitors through making their own paintings at the Hawai‘i State Art Museum. Read More

Keiki Krafting: Heart-Shaped Corner Bookmark

The “Keiki Krafting” column is courtesy HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts. For more craft ideas, visit benfranklinhawaii.com. Read More

An effective strategy for avoiding food temptation

Anyone who’s struggled to shed pounds or overcome diet-related health issues knows that temptations are everywhere. Read More

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