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On the Scene with Kurt Kaminaka

Kurt Kaminaka recently completed work on his first film, “Tales of the Circle Keys,” about a writer who becomes obsessed with a character he created while writing the screenplay for his first film. Read More

On the Scene with Cathy Tanaka

Comedienne Cathy Tanaka, 39, opened for Andy Bumatai’s 65th-birthday show at the Blue Note Hawaii last month. Read More

On the Scene with Friston Ho‘okano

Friston Ho‘okano got into theater on a dare, found that he enjoyed acting, and became a familiar face on the local stage. Read More

On the Scene with Norm Winter

Norm Winter was 15 and living in Los Angeles when he started buying and selling used records. It was the start of a career that has included retail record sales, wholesaling and broadcasting. Read More

On the Scene with Alan Wu

Alan Wu was 9 and spoke no English when his family came to Hawaii from Taiwan. He now co-owns Doctors of Waikiki, an urgent care facility in the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel. Read More

On the Scene with Mpho Moloi Ernst

Mpho Moloi Ernst, 24, was born after apartheid ended in 1994, but the legal system of strict racial segregation that divided South Africans by skin color is part of her heritage. Read More

On the Scene: Smokey Robinson

In the 58 years since William Robinson Jr., had his first hit on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart — a million-seller titled “Shop Around”— the man known to millions of fans around the world as “Smokey” has been one of most important figures in contemporary American music. Read More

On the Scene with Jonah Ray

The past year has been a big one for Jonah Ray, Kailua-born star of Joel Hodgson’s reboot of the cult TV series, “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Read More

On the Scene with Engelbert Humperdinck

The possibility that Hurricane Lane might devastate Honolulu didn’t keep Engelbert Humperdinck, 82, from appearing as promised for two shows at the Hawaii Theatre in August. Read More

On the Scene with Kapono Na‘ili‘ili

When Kapono Na‘ili‘ili is on stage with Moses Goods in Honolulu Theatre for Youth’s production of “Paniolo: Stories and Songs from the Hawaiian Cowboy,” he’s drawing on personal experience. Read More

On the Scene with Chloe Aquino

Chloe Aquino, 20, was born and raised in Kailua and is majoring in psychology at Argosy University while also working on her next CD single. She also recently donated her time as a model for a calendar sold to support breast-cancer awareness. Read More

On the Scene with Wesley Fong

Wesley Fong retired from the Army Reserve in 1995 with the rank of colonel but is still active in military affairs. He’s taking another group of retired generals and admirals to the People’s Republic of China in November. Read More

On the Scene with Jack Law

Jack Law is working on plans for a memorial observance for Eaton “Bob” Magoon, who died last month in California. He is also a major sponsor of this year’s Honolulu Pride events, which include the Honolulu Pride Parade Saturday in Waikiki. Read More

On the Scene with Kacie Teruya

Hawaii will see 13-year-old Moanalua Middle School Kacie Teruya debuts on the premiere season of “American Ninja Warrior Junior” on Universal Kids next weekeend. Read More

On the Scene with Jeannette Trevias

Jeannette Trevias returns as the headliner Monday at Blue Note Hawaii. Read More

On the Scene With Dita Holifield

Texas-born Dita Holifield will introduce a second Salem Media country music station. She calls it “Real Country.” Read More

On the Scene with Roger Ewens

Roger Ewens recently worked with a team of technicians and cultural designers in creating the costumes and accessories for “Huki,” PCC’s new afternoon canoe celebration show that opened Aug. 18 in Laie. Read More

On the Scene with Ginny Tiu

Ginny Tiu’s father always locked his piano before he went to work so that none of his seven children could “bang on it” when he was away. One day when Ginny was 3-1/2 he forgot. Tiu got her chance to play and her father became her first teacher. Read More

On the Scene with Bart DaSilva

Bart DaSilva grew up in Honolulu listening to the radio and imagining himself on the air. Read More

On the Scene with Alvin Chan

Born and raised in Honolulu, a Mid-Pacific Institute and University of Hawaii at Manoa grad, Alvin Chan has had a remarkable career in theater. Read More

On the Scene with Ethan Wacker

With “Bizaardvark” in the middle of its third season Ethan Wacker, 16, divides his time between Los Angeles and Honolulu. Read More

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