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On the Scene with Wesley Fong

Wesley Fong retired from the Army Reserve in 1995 with the rank of colonel but is still active in military affairs. He’s taking another group of retired generals and admirals to the People’s Republic of China in November. Read More

Original Big Bird leaves ‘Sesame Street’ after nearly 50 years

The friendly, bearded face of Caroll Spinney may not be one you recognize immediately. But if you have watched TV at any point in the past 50 years or so, you are almost certainly familiar with his work. Read More

‘Anything You Can Imagine’ explores quest to bring Tolkien to big screen

There is much to learn, to chuckle over and to admire as Peter Jackson and his band of indefatigable Kiwis face down the naysayers. Read More

In the Lineup: Epic autumn waves, crowds signal death of off-seasons

Along with climate change that brings more El Nino currents and big waves, we’re witnessing the demise of off-seasons, those quiet times when the islands used to revert back to locals, giving people and other species space to recoup and breathe. Read More

Is it safe to feed fish to cats?

A lot of confusion surrounds the great fish debate and there is much for cat parents to consider. Read More

Felines and friends find sanctuary at Hawai‘i Cat Cafe

A new lounge allows cat lovers the chance to sip coffee while mingling with adoptable kitties. Read More

5 Things We Love: Pets edition

A shortlist of newly discovered stuff written by staffers from the Star-Advertiser. Read More

Coloring book teaches about plantation life

Life during the sugar plantation days — back when sugar was king — is captured via whimsical drawings and games for all ages in “Hawaii’s Plantation Village Coloring Book,” available while supplies last at Hawaii’s Plantation Village in Waipahu. Read More

Parental Guidance: ‘Goosebumps 2’

“Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween” is fun for all ages, although it’s still too scary for the littlest ones in the family. Read More

List your event for free in our holiday guides

The holidays are so stuffed full of events and activities that Currents will run separate craft fair and event guides this year to help readers make the most of the season. Read More

Parents at Play: New books for kids

As much as we love toys and games, we also love books. Reading to your children is a fantastic way to teach, learn and build close relationships. Read More

Study finds many teens, parents feel tethered to phones

A study from the Pew Research Center found two-thirds of parents are concerned about the amount of time their teenage children spend in front of screens, while more than a third expressed concern about their own screen time. Read More

‘Boo at the Zoo’ combines learning with Halloween fun

Families can celebrate Halloween while learning about Hawaii’s invasive species at a Honolulu Zoo fundraiser on Friday and Saturday. Read More

How to evade the college meningitis menace

All parents of teens should talk to their kids’ doc about getting the MenB vaccine, which has been available since 2014. Read More

Magnum Reloaded: Murder case leaves Magnum facing sudden death

Friendship is a lot like the ocean — it ebbs and flows and is sometimes rough and stormy. This week, Magnum helps a brother-in-arms with a case that puts their friendship to the test. Read More

Positively Young: Good manner bring joy to many

Can common courtesy really inspire joy? Think about these scenarios you may have experienced: Someone waves or gives you a shaka after you allow them to cut into your lane on the highway. Read More

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