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The Electric Kitchen: Great Pumpkin Fest heads east

The Great Pumpkin Festival is coming to East Honolulu this weekend at Holy Nativity School. Here are some fresh pumpkin recipes to try. Read More

The Electric Kitchen: Mussel paella, citrus-poached salmon

As wild fish populations are depleted, it’s important that our seafood is caught or farmed under a system that enforces environmentally responsible practices. Read More

The Electric Kitchen: Multicooker saves time, energy

Cooking under pressure requires less liquid than conventional cooking, as there is less evaporation. Try these recipes using a time- and energy-saving multicooker. Read More

The Electric Kitchen: Getting back to our local roots

As we head into autumn, root vegetables from local farms are bountiful, readily available at farmers markets and grocery stores. Read More

The Electric Kitchen: Garlic gives human body a boost

Many of the foods we eat contain medicinal properties and provide health benefits. Garlic is a popular choice for its bold aroma and delicious taste. Read More

The Electric Kitchen: Chinese roast meats inspire meals

This week, head over to your favorite Chinatown butcher, pick up some of your favorite meats and incorporate them in these local-style recipes. Read More

The Electric Kitchen: Middle Eastern favorites

Middle Eastern food is gaining in popularity, taking over fast-casual restaurants serving flavorful, fresh and healthful foods. Read More

Puerto Rican flavors brighten meals

Unusual yuzu has many uses

Yuzu is a popular ingredient in cooking in Korea and Japan. Read More

Made in Hawaii Fest showcases aloha spirit

The annual Made in Hawaii Festival returns to the Neal S. Blaisdell Center this weekend, a showcase for food local products from food to books to jewelry and much more. Read More

Cooking ahead eases dinnertime stress

Kids are back in school, which means busy weeknights with little time for cooking. But with a little effort in the kitchen on the weekend, you can prepare dinner for the entire week. Read More

Quick and easy snacks to help keep up your energy

Save on energy and time by whipping up some healthy and ready-to-go energy bites. Read More

Sweets showcase summer fruits

Hot summer days call for cool desserts, and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of seasonal fruits. Read More

Elevate dishes by cooking with Hawaii honey

Hawaii’s climate creates a perfect environment for honey production. Local bees collect nectar from Hawaii’s tropical flowers — such as mango, lilikoi, citrus, coconut, lychee, avocado and starfruit — so the honeys they produce can vary widely in flavor. Read More

Simple dishes make summertime livin’ easy

Summertime is family time. With a few extra hours of sunlight and the kids on summer break, it’s the perfect time for camping, picnics and beach outings — and recipes the entire family can enjoy. Read More

Steaks worth celebrating over

If you haven’t already thought about what to cook for the family, bring out your best grilling gear, as we have the perfect main dish meats for you. Read More

Appetizers always help kick off meals in style

Food is a major part of our lifestyle in Hawaii, and sometimes the pupu are the best part of the meal! Read More

Condiments made at home are fresher, healthier

Creating condiments from scratch means avoiding the extra sugar, sodium, artificial flavors and preservatives found in store-bought seasonings. Read More

Dry mixes help when power fails

Be prepared for an emergency by keeping a handy supply of easy-to-prepare dried mixes in jars. These mixes are a good alternative to storing dry foods in bulk and could be critical to good eating should the power fail. Read More

Mango mania takes hold in Hawaii

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