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                                Good gut health involves eating foods that provide a mix of enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics. Prebiotics are present in fiber-rich foods such as fruit.
Column: Digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics key to nutrition

Good nutrition starts with consuming and absorbing more than 40 essential vitamins, minerals, protein and fat components. What sometimes might seem like a simple process involves many types of digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics. Read more

                                Joannie Dobbs and Alan Titchenal for their nutrition column in Crave.
Column: Interactions among nutrients, drugs and medicinal herbs are complex

It’s common to turn to nutritional supplements, drugs and herbs to try to boost health. All of these options can be beneficial when used appropriately, but they all come with potential risks as well. Misusing or neglecting to check interactions between nutrients, drugs and herbs can cause irreversible health issues — even death. Read more

                                A woman wearing a mask walks along South Beretania Street in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Column: COVID disinformation is dangerous to society

The past 12 months have challenged us in ways that few could have ever predicted. COVID-19 has been an extreme challenge to both physical and economic health. However, disinformation related to this pandemic viral disease has seriously increased the damage to our physical and financial health. Read more

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