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Green rising
Shrouded in mist, the sacred mountain rises above the countryside, majestic, mysterious and a little foreboding. Here, St. Patrick is said to have fasted for 40 days and nights as he wrestled with demons and banished snakes from Ireland. Story »
Universal Studios tour undergoes makeover, adding high-tech finale
While filming a movie on the Universal Studios backlot several years ago, actor Jim Carrey decided to give guests of the studio tours an extra thrill. He jumped out from the set of the 1960 horror classic "Psycho" waving a fake blade at the frightened tram passengers. Story »
 Fashionably lathed
In the gifted hands of John Mydock, blocks of rigid wood are transformed into art that curves, bends and even seems to shine like glass. The renowned Hawaii island artist uses the painstaking processes of pyrography and pearlizing to embellish his vessels.  Story »
 Nakasendo trek
While we were admiring some brilliantly colored carp and goldfish in a backyard pond along the side of a road in a small village, a grandmotherly woman greeted us and explained that she had had some bigger fish but ferrets had poached them.  Story »
Everyone knew it was coming, but it wasn't official until all the numbers were tabulated. A record 41.1 million visitors came to Las Vegas in 2014, exceeding the previous record of 39.7 million in 2012 by more than a million. Story »

The Search for Signs of Hawaiian Life: Chiba, Japan

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Uber and Starwood join forces • Rent village and be deputy mayor • Array of stars join Memphis fest
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