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 Molokai salt producer revives Hawaiian tradition
Taking a break on an escort boat during a canoe race in 1999, paddler Nancy Gove noticed crystals of sea salt sparkling on her arm. "I remember tasting them and thinking, ‘Mmmmm, that's really good,'" she recalled.  Story »
For the first time ever, Las Vegas has topped the 40 million-visitor mark in a calendar year, and the year's not over. With two weeks of tabulation remaining, it's believed that a big New Year's weekend could push the total to 41 million. The previous record was 39.7 million in 2012. Story »

Had I been driving I would not have stopped here. But I was lured from the sidewalk by an open gate and the mysterious buildings beyond. There was a Moorish structure with a minaret, another was Italian with a loggia, a third had a fleur-de-lis on a chimney.  Story »

The tense expression on Ilse Grassmann's face belies the festive occasion. It's Christmas 1944 and she is sitting at home with her three youngest children, the table bare of food or gifts.  Story »

Vegas Travel Deals
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The Search for Signs of Hawaiian Life

Honoring Ancestors Through Art
Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian Renaissance artist known for his painting of “The Last Supper,” managed to resurrect one of the most revered biblical scenes of all times through his artwork. Read More »
Making Beautiful Music For All Hawaii
Hawaii Symphony Orchestra (HSO) was founded in 2011 by a group of community leaders to carry on the legacy of Honolulu Symphony, which performed from 1902 to 2009. Read More »

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